Death sets no limits - Addendum

PSYCHO-SCIENTIFIC FRONTIERS Selected publications from a variety of subjects of psycho-scientific research. Editor: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen * Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet : E-Mail : Translator’s email: Protocol extracts from the Menetekel from the years 1956 to 1975. Theme : Death sets no limits Addenda from the Menetekel of the years 1956 to 1975 The following text to this theme was psychically received by the Medialen Friedenskreis Berlin (MFK) , a Christian/Spiritual community, between 1956 and 1975. The transmissions form a part of the Menetekel , a collection of protocols of around 4,500 A4 sized pages amassed over 20 years and they have recently been restructured. All of these mediumistic messages were left in their original form, even if similar questions were repeated. The work of the two automatic writing mediums, Monika-Manuela Speer and Uwe Speer, began when they were 15 and respectively 17 years old. The total production of the MFK-Berlin (Medialer Friedenskreis Berlin), the Menetekel and the 21 transmissions from the space-brothers are considered the absolute pinnacle of psycho-scientific research. Other spiritual circles have often tried to copy the work of the MFK, but its quality was never achieved. The reproduction and distribution of these rearranged messages and protocols is explicitly encouraged and is not covered by any copyright. Preface The 3 rd phase of a serious illness brings the realisation: “I am going to die!” Most people find this an uncomfortable subject to talk about. They therefore talk about a phases of silence . The patient fears death and is unable to discuss this with anyone. A terrible situation! Relatives make an effort to pacify the patient by saying that “everything will be alright” , the doctor mentions a new medication, but nobody talks about the patient’s fear of death. The patient recognises these excuses for what they are and this raises the patient’s fear of death even more. Fear hinders our dying process and fear causes suffering. In order to break through this phase of silence and be able to talk to the patient about his or her fears, it might be helpful for the attendant to ask: “Are you afraid of dying?” The answer is always the same: “Everybody is afraid of dying, aren’t they?” One now has an opportunity to begin a conversation about fear and the patient’s concept of what death is about. Just how terrible it is to enter the spiritual realm ignorantly show thousands of reports from the hereafter. Prepare yourself well for the great journey to a life in the hereafter, something no human being is spared from. This is why the work of serious mediums, who talk about life after death and who transmit messages from the SPHERES of LIGHT, is so helpful and convincing in its logic, assuming that they were given by authorised TEACHERS of the LIGHT. Once the fear of dying is conquered and the grasping and the spasmodic hold on life come to an end, one can relax and leave this world behind. We know from experience that pain subsides shortly before death and this without medication. The feeling of pain is reduced and one’s consciousness expanded at the same time. Relatives and attendant can learn a lot from the last words and conversations with the dying.