Bringing up children

2 The result is a mental and spiritual vacuum on Earth without equal, where LOVE is diminished, making room for psychosomatics. How can the sensitive souls of children find their inner self in such an environment? How are they supposed to cope with today’s heightened occupational expectations in regards to their health? Wherein lie the causes for the so-called “Null-Bock-Generation” 1 , rising frustrations and suicide by young people? Day-to-day life verifies that many children enter school already damaged ! But the legislators removed any possible discretionary powers from teachers, denying them the opportunity to undertake belated, appropriate corrections to the behaviourism instilled by the parent’s peculiar methods of bringing up their children. When even the providers of apprenticeships disclose to their entrusted charges later on that they have to leave after successfully passing their final exams, because the economic situation of the factory allegedly demanded it - whom amongst the test subjects still has the courage to attempt passing any imminent test at all? Children and adolescents gang together at an early age, because they experience appreciation and a certain devotion from their peer group, they then proceed against their hated society in unison. The perversion of their thoughts begins to somersault and finds its ultimate expression in terrorism. Any worthwhile perspectives, ideal and chances were taken from these young adults, because everything, and I mean everything, is governed by purely financial deliberations . But whilst many parents and teachers want to be “modern”, tried and trusted methods are thrown overboard and ridiculed as something old-fashioned . “Progressive-antiauthoritarian” is the order of the day instead and proven structures are turned inside out and destroyed. At whose expense? Mentally damaged young adults are often found in powerful vocational positions and this completes the fiendish circle. They now fully express their pent up frustrations with the help of their powers and this to the detriment of their environment. Revenge on society is called war! War carried out on battlefields and war in the economic situation.  Conclusion: Our present day environment represents the expression of this pathological thought process and it mirrors the rest of the adults neglect, namely: To be a human role model. Bad Salzuflen, May 1992 1 “ Null-Bock-Generation ” is a term that generally describes an adolescent generation of your people, who based on their occupational, social and economic future fail to see any perspectives anymore.