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PSYCHO-SCIENTIFIC FRONTIERS Selected publications from a variety of subjects of psycho-scientific research. Editor: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen * Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet: E-Mail: Translator’s email : Title : Tips in regards to meditation Source : White eagle, “Meditation”, Aquarius Verlag. ISBN 3-922936-06-7 The following tips in regards to meditation are based on psychic transmissions from the MESSENGER of LIGHT WHITE EAGLE, he is one of many MESSENGERS of LIGHT of the Age of Aquarius, wherein human beings have the opportunity of achieving their CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS within their development. WHITE EAGLE has dedicated himself for many years, in conjunction with other spirt GUIDES, to the higher development of mankind. Preface The human mind is equipped with two types of forces: On the one hand to veil the TRUTH and on the other hand to project the external world in front of our eyes. If one for instance sees a snake (illusion) instead of a rope(truth) in the twilight of the day, only the snake will exist for the observer. The rope has disappeared. The mind is however exposed to a deception, because the moment it recognises the truth in the light of day, all fears fly out the window. God is also invisible and this for as long as one only perceives one’s external world in its diversity and not the underlying unity within oneself. The sciences verify that the human senses can be duped, that objects can dissolve when one tries to grab their substance, that the truth is completely different: That it is actually a unified field of energy that is probably endowed with consciousness. – To read the writings of the world in order to acquire intellectual insights is one thing. But to recognise and to remain true to the ever expanding DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS within oneself is something completely different. We must learn to live in both worlds: In the world of the spirit and in the world of matter. Any one-sidedness is negative! Only a few have ever noticed that people have neither personal worries nor any kind of questions during their deep sleep state. The usual person does not exist when dreaming. The temporally orientated mind is switched off. The usual person exists for a few hours to then no longer exist for a few hours after. But “we” definitely exist nonstop – even whilst we sleep and dream. Doesn’t this indicate that “we” are different from our own “person”? – Can we consider a person that only undertakes external part-time work as real? – The moment this person reappears, the world’s associated worries and problems reappear within our mind. Behind our waking, sleeping and dreaming state waits another self than is a TRUTH that wants to be experienced. Meditation can, as with sleep, not be conjured up, it has to be experienced.

The fulcrum and linchpin of the highest truth is the question, who are we? When people get to the bottom of their personal ego by practising serious and intensive meditation over and over again, maybe across a number of years, it might disappear one day. It might quietly dissolve. What remains is the TRUTH. We therefore have to choice between TRUTH and illusion, between GOD and our person. Bad Salzuflen, June 2001 1. 0 What is meditation? Meditation is not a secret science. The word “meditation” or “contemplation” stems from Latin and means reflection, pensive observation, religious immersion. Meditation is on par with reflection or pensive observation. When one looks at a clear night-sky in awe and adoration, one is meditating. When one listens with closed eyes to the breaking waves of the sea, one is also meditating. • Meditation is prayer – prayer is meditation. The growing interest in meditation and the request for help for a spiritually ordered life becomes more intensive during times of upheavals, specifically when the norms that one has been guided by no longer apply. An enhanced wish for meditation is particularly prevalent these days, because positive models no longer exist. Our deep-seated uneasiness might be based on this, namely that we lack a valid image of man, ergo an archetype we can live our life by. New forms of ecclesiastical arrangements can also not veil the fact that our daily life no longer comply with it. It is therefore imperative that we accept spiritual HELP wherever it is offered, so that our inner riches become accessible to us once again, so that we get to our own spiritual treasures that do indeed belong to us, but that are no longer available to us, because we lost the key to this treasure chest. “Modern life” has been arranged in such a way that it prevents meditation, namely by hindering us from dealing with our own self. • Meditation represents an incomparable help in regards the configuration of our life! Meditation leads to better communication with oneself and with others. Meditation is at the same time a considerable help with coping with everyday life. People who meditate will relearn calmness, confidence and composure amidst the hectic hustle and bustle, they will also gain staying power in stressful situations and they will discover power reserves within themselves that they had not been aware of up to now. • What has been verified is that the ability to concentrate increases, that the will in regards to attitude gets stronger and that its efficiency is enhanced, actually that a maturity process is set in motion that helps the whole personality to grow. There are various forms of meditation, there is Buddhistic meditation, Zen meditation, Christian meditation etc. so that the layman finds it difficult to select the suitable one amongst them. The people in the East pursue different forms of meditation, but the basic thought of all forms of meditation is the same.

The form of meditation described here is for the people in the West, for those that want to follow in the footprints of the Christian MASTER JESUS. This path is based on the devotion to goodness and it serves to better ourself and those around us and therefore also the Earth. Those that want to learn to meditate do not have to absorb all of Buddhism or Hinduism within. Meditation is designed to teach us how to be a human being once again. In order to get there, we must struggle against some resistance to begin with, namely against our earthbound mind. Everyone that sits down to meditate experiences this resistance. Our mind is simultaneously also our resistance. – It is akin to flying a kite: One must run until the kite climbs into the sky – that’s the technique – all one has to do after is to hold on to it. This means that we first have to enter into the state of meditation. There are a few aids available for this. The meditation will then continue by itself and all we have to do after is to maintain the state of mind. It is a curious fact that success eventuates most of the time when one no longer strives for results. • To contemplate meditation as an outsider doesn’t make sense, one can only gain experiences through actually practising it. • Everything that hinders meditation is a hindrance to us being a human being. Meditation is about the discovery of oneself, of finding one’s main focus and one’s inner centre. It is about the purification of one’s heart. A part of the characteristics of meditation is designed to create unity between the manifold contrasts that often disrupt us. There are two levels of realisation: • The intellectual realisation, namely logic. • The intuitive realisation, namely the serendipity that is developed though meditation. An illness for instance, anything that forces us to stop for a while, is virtually a self-help and it happens on a subconscious level. An illness also gives us a chance to meditate. Everything our consciousness brings to the surface when we are forced to lie in bed, is already a form of meditation. One can go far back into history, one finds that philosophers, wise men and saints, prophets and teachers have always offered a key that can open the DOORS of HEAVEN. • This key can be found in the spiritual HEART of the ethereal body, in the middle of the chest, in every human being. The name of the key is LOVE. When it is used it discloses to us that hidden TREASURES and TRUTHS lie within us and that they will give us the answers we are looking for. There are only few that will pause their chase of life in order to listen to the small, still VOICE that resounds from the innermost part of the spiritual HEART. Some call it the “VOICE of STILLNESS”, others the “VOICE of CONSCIENCE”. It is in reality the awakening of the spirit, the expansion of consciousness of one’s true existence. WHITE EAGLE calls it “CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS” in all his indoctrinations. • It is this CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS or this INNER LIGHT that is awakened, strengthened and developed during meditation.

Beyond that, psychic gifts like clairvoyance and clairaudience can also develop. The Apostle Paul said: “My brothers, you should not remain ignorant in regards to spiritual things.” This statement indicates that the unfoldment of the spiritual gifts is part of man’s higher development. The path is simple, but hard. Those that want to walk it must have or develop three character traits: • S i m p l i c i t y • H u m i l i t y • S t a m i n a The path to meditation, as described here, is simple and uncomplicated, so that everyone can begin to work on themselves. Every child can meditate. The path of development introduced here is also a save and riskless path, because it leads the soul to the LIGHT of CHRIST’S LOVE residing inside. However: The direct influence of the pure spirit or the CHRIST SPIRIT on the human soul often stirs up disharmonies within the lower or mundane mind. Conflicts can develop. This is the reason for the following warning: • The motives to meditate must be pure and selfless and a strict self-discipline within one’s daily life and one’s thoughts must become common practice. If thoughts digress during meditation, they must be resolutely and as often as necessary reigned in. One must concentrate on the figure of CHRIST; it should become the focal point of the whole meditation. A radiant SUN of LIGHT instead of HIS figure is also appropriate. The deciding factor is inner reconciliation, the concentration, the focussing of one’s own consciousness on a higher spiritual VIBRATION. GOD’S HIERACHY observes such endeavours and it protects and guides the human soul. GOD’S HIERARCHY has informed us over and over again that we must take the first step. And once we have voluntarily overcome our pride and taken the first step, the spiritual HIERARCHY will advance towards us ten steps at a time to support our future endeavours. There are a lot of people out there that have studied various religions and philosophies, whilst others have educated themselves through reading books. They believe that they are able to solve all of life’s questions with their mind. This is a mistake! Neither one nor the other suffices. They merely represent sections on the path to our ultimate goal. • The ultimate goal lies in the practical spiritual experience and understanding, gained within the security of the CHRIST LIGHT and its POWER and it effect on human life and the human character. A Chinese master said a long time ago: “When you are quietness personified, the Heart of Heaven will reveal itself within you.” The philosophers of ancient Greece were also aware of what represented the eternal key to human higher development. The following words were depicted above the doors to their temples: “Man know thyself and you will know God and the universe.”

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Hindus, Chinese and early Christians all received the doctrine of the “VOICE of STILLNESS” from their masters, something they could learn with the help of meditation. Even more: They lived what they had learned and IT lived within them. T h e T R UT H i s t h e s a m e – y e s t e r d a y , t o d a y , a l w a y s ! CHRIST said: “Seek the Kingdom of Heaven and its Justice first and everything else will be given to you.” … “The Kingdom is inside, in you.” Meditation is the true path, the trusted path to develop the spiritual or higher CONSCIOUSNESS that lies hidden deep inside man’s innermost sanctuary. • Meditation is in deed and truth the awakening and unfoldment of the CENTRE of the HEART through spiritual LOVE for everything that lives and blooms. 2. 0 The seven spiritual ENERGY CENTRES (Sanskrit: Chakras) According to the doctrine of WHITE EAGLE, there are seven MAIN CHAKRAS and they are parts of the so-called etheric body. These correspond with the lymph glands of the physical body. The etheric body is an expansion of the LIFE FORCES in the ethereal WORLD. It permeates and surrounds the physical body. It reacts to the VIBRATIONS from the ethereal, invisible WORLD. These VIBRATIONS and impressions reach one’s consciousness via the etheric body and the brain cells of the physical body via the nervous system. The seven CENTRES, also called windows of the soul or chakras, are distributed through the body as follows: • At the top of the head, the CROWN CENTRE. • Between the eyes, the BROW CENTRE. • Near the indentation of the neck, the THROAT CENTRE. • Level with the heart, but in the centre of the chest, the HEART CENTRE. • At the back left, waist high, the SPLEEN CENTRE. • Where the naval is, the SOLAR PLEXUS CENTRE. • Where the spine protrudes the pelvis, the KUNDALINI. The KUNDALINI harbours man’s great creative powers. It is the centre of sexual energy – and correctly employed – represents the greatest, most powerful and sacred ENERGY for goodness. But it can also turn into the root of all evil. The SOLAR PLEXUS CENTRE is a spontaneously effective receiver station for messages from the realm of spirit, whereby people in most cases do not know what is actually happening. Children and animals often display this gift.

The way the warming rays of the sun open a rosebud, the HEART CENTRE opens through daily meditation and through the effect of GOD’S LOVE. This unfoldment in itself augments CHRIST’S LOVE within the soul and the character of human beings. Through this process of development, namely the unfoldment of the HEART CENTRE, the aura becomes brighter and more luminescent. Every clairvoyant person can perceive this. Medieval painters depicted the aura as a halo that surrounds the head of saints. • The aura is an emanation of the most delicate hues around a physical body. It streams from the LIFE FORCE of the soul. LIGHT in their soul have those that have made it a habit to awaken GOD’S LOVE within after every experience of life. The perpetual emanation of divine LOVE lends the face, as well as the whole body, a spiritual radiance. The whole Christian doctrine is based on man’s LOVE for man and man’s LOVE for GOD. • With the progress of spiritual development, the LIGHT from the HEART CENTRE climbs upwards in order to shine around the CROWN CENTRE. When this happens, wisdom and spiritual insights are multiplied. When on the other hand the mind develops at the expense of LOVE and intuition (another word for the LIGHT of the HEART), the heart then becomes hard and the person arrogant and spiritually nearly dead. That person will then be incapable of recognising, seeing and accepting spiritual things. • What should be aspired for is an equilibrium between the HEART CENTRE and the CROWN CENTRE. The seven CENTRES can be perceived by clairvoyant people as disks of faint LIGHT. These are “windows” of the soul. When people train themselves in regards to the development of their spiritual and mental consciousness, these CENTRES will change. They will become larger and brighter. When a soul has developed itself very high, the CENTRES begin to rotate and gradually adopt the forms of many-leaved flowers. After years of meditation and ADORATION of GOD, the ethereal or soul body with its seven CENTRES will adopt a form of heavenly beauty, something that can no longer be described with mundane words. This is the developmental goal every human being should strive for. The way JESUS, the CHRIST has exemplified it. • The aim in the training through meditation is to bring all of these CENTRES under the control of the divine WILL, respectively of the CHRIST ENERGY that resides in the HEART CENTRE. The method of spiritual higher development through meditation, prayers and aspiration is an unforced, beautiful path towards unfolding the higher SENSES whilst fully conscious.

3. 0 Meditation practices 3. 1 Preparations to meditation (Active phase of preparation) Those that call themselves Masters, are not – and those that are, say nothing! Do not use meditation like a drug that has to be taken three times a day. This would be akin to an addiction you1 fall prey to. • Never forget the meditation is an exercise to help you live and that you meditate because you love life! • There are a people that prefer to meditate on their own. There are no objections to that, but to work in a group is generally speaking preferable, because the spiritual ENERGY is exponentially higher in a group and the members can support one another with giving and taking. If you want to travel the path of meditation without fear, it is best to begin in a small group of friends that are of the same mind. Think carefully about whom you select. – Pray for guidance in your choice! Start to meditate together in a room or on your own at home. T h e d u r a t i o n o f a m e d i t a t i o n: The duration of a meditation is virtually unlimited. Practised in the West, you’ll find that about half an hour suffices. T h e e n v i r o n m e n t : What is of importance is that you create a harmonic environment. Nothing may disturb you during the next half an hour, neither knocks on the door nor opening that door. Turn the telephone and also the door chime off. – When you gather to meditate you should sit in a semi-circle with sufficient space between each of you. JESUS said to his disciples: “Where two or three are assembled in my name (in my spirit) I will be right amongst them.” Let this be your guiding principle in all of your meditations. B a c k g r o u n d m u s i c2: Slow rhythms, like for instance Handel’s Largo or Bach or music that increases in volume like the prelude to Lohengrin, first act, could be utilised. Such music brings joy and harmony to the souls of the participants and it raises their consciousness above mundane concerns. This music should be played at a moderate volume. T h e p o s t u r e o f t h e b o d y: Every participant should sit upright with a straight spine, but relaxed and comfortable. Imagine you head attached to the sky with a rubber band as if some force tries to delicately lift your body upwards. The feet are placed limberly next to one another on the floor. All tensions and inner stress 1 It is common practice to be on familiar terms with one another in meditation circles. 2 Appropriate meditation music can be found on the internet site of the “Psychowissenschaftlichen Grenzgebiete” under “Links” and then under "Neptun-Entspannungsmusik". One piece of music the Medialen Arbeitskreis found suitable is the first track on the CD of the Star sign of the Ram. Relaxation music by A. Stein (Therapeutic media) can also be found through this “Link”.

are to be avoided. Endeavour to sit there quietly and without coughing, because the slightest noise will disturb you and the others. Introductory text: One of you should recite a text, specifically selected aforehand for the day, from a suitable source. (For instance, from the book “Mit WHITE EAGLE durch das Jahr”, Aquamarine Verlag, ISBN 3933936-71-7) These texts are brief, selected for the day and their purpose is to elevate the group above their normal consciousness. At the end of the meditation, one should once again read a text for the following day. Readings from the mediumistic protocols of the Psycho-scientific Frontiers or the Bible are naturally also suitable. The breathing: It is advisable to breath deeply, slowly and rhythmically during meditation in order to separate oneself from one’s earthly ego. However, breathing should never be slowed down or exaggerated to a degree where tension or coughing eventuates. One should also not hold one’s breath. Breathe calmly and without effort, certainly not heavy or even in staccato fashion. For instance, think about the CHRIST LIGHT that streams into you your body when you breathe in and feel the flowing of LIGHT from your HEART and the CROWN CENTRES when you breathe out. – Mentally send a prayer asking that this emanating LIGHT may help to heal and to bless the Earth and all of mankind. Do not send LIGHT to a specific country or only to a specific person, because doing so will limit all opportunities through your emerging will and it will generate morphogenic fields of your power. • Send LIGHT into the world in HIS NAME, let HIS WILL be done and not yours! The period of calm and conscious breathing should last about five minutes. “Allow yourself to breathe” of your own accord after and try to extricate yourself from all distracting thoughts. Try to find a state of absolute calmness and quietness within yourself. It is important that you gain access to your core, that you gain a new relationship with your solar plexus where your emotional world is at home. You must extricate yourself from the dominance of your head and reunite with the core of your being. Mentally accepting this stage is part of it. Allow yourself to internally descend to then slide into the 2nd phase of the meditation. 3. 2 The state of peace (Passive second phase) This phase is a state of peace within alertness. It opens the opportunity for you to consciously become aware of your spiritual ENERGIES and to expand your consciousness. It is a state that is devoid of all volition, a state wherein you are separated from the physical sensation of all the thoughts that offer themselves, that come and pass you by. This state is very difficult to explain in words and it has to be experienced. It is a very individual state. It can happen that you feel a tingle or a fresh breath of air in your HEAD CENTRES (Forehead and vertex). We are dealing here with the ENERGETIC transferences from the OTHER WORLD. GOD’S HIERACHY reacts to your endeavours. – But even if you feel nothing at all, remain patient and do not be disappointed. Everything takes its time! You will gradually immerse yourself within the depths of your personal ego, within internal levels that have remained closed to you. Nothing happens within the time it takes to snap your finger! You will gradually approach your subconscious and your soul in your own individual time.

3. 3 The phase of perception (Third phase) This phase of meditation is a very rare, a so-called “EXPERIENCE of GRACE” phase whereby you can see the DIVINE. It is that space where all thoughts and all verbal descriptions come to an end. 3. 4 The procedure of meditation If you want to develop your psychic abilities you must first of all recognise that LIGHT was the beginning of all life. GOD said at the beginning: “Let there be LIGHT – and there was LIGHT.” Everything that adopted form and figure was created from this LIGHT. LIGHT later condensed into coarse physical material. Everything that exists in the ethereal and the purely spiritual WORLDS (something that will reveal itself to you one day) is also created by the little SPARK of LIGHT that you might have glimpsed at the start of your meditation exercise. You will fist of all become completely conscious of the reality of LIGHT when you meditate. It is GOD’S LIGHT from whence all visions, all revelations and all experiences stem from during your development. If you are sufficiently serious, determined and steadfast in your psychic development, you will undoubtedly be able to penetrate the VEIL that separates the material level of life from the spiritual WORLD. Preparation: • Make sure that you are not interrupted for the next half an hour. • Light a candle. (Because light chases the darkness away) • Place some flowers near you. (The scent of flowers creates a pleasant mood) • Play some quiet background music that will play without interruption for 20 minutes or longer. Further procedures: • Sit comfortably on a chair. • Place your feet and knees about the width of two hands apart. • The feet are solidly placed on the floor. • The thighs and the body form a right angle. The spine is erect and the shoulders are relaxed and loose. • The open palms rest on the thighs and face upwards in a relaxed way. • The head is slightly tilted and the lower jaw hangs loose. • Now close your eyes. • Absolutely imperative: Now ask your CREATOR for PROTECTION from negative attacks on your aura from the dark regions of the Realm of Spirit, because it will be open during meditation!

• Breathe quietly and deeply… • Imagine that your breath is a wave: This wave comes, rolls over you and flows back. - This wave comes, rolls over you and flows back… • Leave all the things that mentally depress you behind. – Let go! – Whatever happens, allow it to happen. – Remember that you are protected. Good SPIRITS from GOD’S HIERARCHY accompany you. Trust GOD and HIS HELPERS. HE truly deserves it! • Allow a feeling to develop in you that you find pleasant. There is nobody on this Earth that can now dictate anything to you. It is wholly and solely your own experience… You allow yourself to glide deep into this pleasant felling. – You will then feel an ever increasing sense of ease, harmony and deep peace. Expand this feeling throughout the room you are in. Raise your inner VIBRATIONS by imagining that every breath you take allows more LIGHT, namely the LIFE FORCE, to enter inside of you. If you are ill, direct this LIGHT to the places in your body that hurt. – You feel with your whole body, with all of your senses. – It is beautiful to be extant, to simply be here… • If necessary, continue to use your power of imagination to see this LIGHT within your inner consciousness. Imagine this divine SPARK of spiritual LOVE as a brilliant diamond sparkling in a blaze of colour of pulsating LIGHT. Its brilliance and its radiance will gradually grow until it has turned into a glorious, shining disk of sunlight. You do not see all of this with your outer senses, but within you with your spiritual EYES. This is why your physical eyes must be closed so that the distracting outer world does not interfere with the process of meditation. • LIGHT is everywhere in you – and the LIGHT emanates out into the physical world through the pores of your skin. LIGHT would also stream from your eyes, if you were to open them. Ask the CREATOR to guide the thus emanating LIGHT out into the world so that the powerful on this Earth come to their senses. You yourself cannot know how much and of what quality a country or an individual human being is in need of this LIGHT. There are those that are far less advanced in their spiritual development than they believe to be. You specifically might need this LIGHT more urgently that others! Through your own inner illumination, you also help to illuminate the planet intrusted into your care and to bring peace to the world. • Remain with the thought of CHRIST’S comprehensive LOVE. Search for the divine SPARK of LOVE inside of you, “because the LIGHT shines into darkness”. Project yourself now into this LIGHT and then through it. – Still using your power of imagination see yourself entering the OTHER WORLD, a completely NEW WORLD, created of subtle material, a refined, ethereal LIGHT… Tips: If fears and doubts assail you, you should immediately direct your thoughts towards the true LIGHT of LIFE, the CHRIST SUN within you. Ask it to act within you and you will be able to conquer all difficulties. Almost all ailments and problems of your physical existence develop from your lack of contact with the CHRIST SUN. You can dive into the depths of your own being during meditation or you can undertake a fantasy journey with the help of your power of imagination. All sorts of variants are possible.

The constant repetition of the above described process helps enormously in regards to the success of your contact with GOD’S HELPERS. This is why the end of the meditation should also be adhered to strictly and conscientiously. Mighty FORCES and influences might have been triggered inside your soul during the meditation. • Absolutely imperative: The SEVEN ENERGY CENTRES (Chakras) must first and foremost be tightly closed and sealed against all possibilities of penetration of undesirable influences and ENTITIES from the lower ASTRAL WORLD of the realm of spirit. It is akin to when you lock your home. You do not simply leave all the windows and doors open when you retire of an evening. It is not different with the ASTRAL WORLD. One must also act carefully and wise here and one must not allow oneself to be caught unawares. We actually want you to learn to raise our head up into HEAVEN whilst keeping our feet solidly on the ground at the same time and still be able to watch out where the path is leading you. This is why we must detach ourselves from the WORLD of HEAVEN through an act of will after every meditation in order to return to our daily life in the physical world. • Remain within your inner VIBRATIONS until the last sounds of the music have died away. The time has come to return to your day consciousness and to once again deal with the responsibilities of your terrestrial world. • Thank your CREATOR for the PROTECTION that you received! • After this phase of quietly expressing your gratitude, we begin to close every single CHAKRA. We do this through an act of will whereby we mentally pull in our aura. This is akin to pulling in antennas or feelers. We mentally make the sign of the Cross-within-a-Circle over each of the seven CENTRES; over the CROWN-CENTRE, over the BROW-CENTRE, over the THROATCENTRE, over the HEART-CENTRE, over the SPLEEN-CENTRE, over the SOLAR-PLEXUSCENTRE and over the KUNDALINI-CENTRE. This is how the windows of the soul are locked and sealed through the divine will and through the POWER of the WHITE LIGHT of CHRIST. • At the end, every participant mentally draws an oval of bright LIGHT around the aura of their body. One can begin with one’s left foot by directing a LINE of LIGHT through the left half of the body to the top, quietly breathing in until the LIGHT has arrived above the head. One can then direct the LINE of LIGHT down the right half of the body by quietly exhaling until it has been drawn under the feet. This is how a closed OVLA of LIGHT develops and seals the aura. One should do this seven times in a row. • The meditation comes to an end when you open your eyes, stretch yourself and mentally return to the coarseness of the here and now. The Greek philosophers said: “Know thyself and you will know God and the universe”. The Christian meditation is a healthy, well-considered and safe method through which people can open up their own inner POWERS – but only when they are wise and when they remain true to their HIGHER SELF whilst they pursue their own path.

4. 0 An example of a healing meditation (Fantasy journey) The following healing meditation is one of many methods to regain one’s health through SPIRITUAL HEALING. It is an aid to self-help. For our meditation we select a little lake with blue shimmering water. The lake is in the centre of a glorious garden with blossoming bushes and a blue-violet toned splendour of flowers. White steps lead down to the water at both ends of the lake. The HEALING ANGELS that are there to receive you to guide you to the water stand on these steps. But you are then alone, because the ANGELS have withdrawn. Faith and trust have taken hold of you. You intuitively know that absolutely nothing can happen to you. You slowly slide into the healing water. You feel how the inherent ENERGY of the water envelops your body. Streams of HEALING ENERGIES flow through your body. Every cell in your body is rejuvenated and re-receives its divine original programming. Everything that is not according to GOD’S WILL must leave your body. You submerge yourself and you feel good, so infinitely good. As if by invisible hands, you are lifted onto a soft green lawn. All you aches and pains have left you. You no longer feel any discomfort. You feel dry, warm and light and above everything else, completely free from all illnesses. You are within your spirit body and it is perfect. If you spirit body is healthy, its condition will also transfer to your physical body. This is because the spirit controls physical matter and not the other way around! Hold onto this thought and the SPIRITUAL HEALING will be transferred to your physical body. Those whose faith achieves one hundred percent can move mountains. Thank GOD and HIS ANGELS for this wonderful blessing.

5. 0 Mottos (By WHITE EAGLE) • The aim of meditation is to bring man’s baser instincts under the control of the directives of the CHRIST IN ONE’S HEART, thereby gaining union with GOD. The latter means: The “microcosmos called human being” is absorbed in the life of the “MACRO-COSMOS GOD”. • Therefore, try to feel and express compassion, affection and LOVE for all and for everything. What will help you here is to visualise the figure of the master CHRIST over again. You will find the highest LOVE and the brightest LIGHT in his countenance and in his expression and both of these will have an effect on you and your appreciation. LOVE will then also flow in your heart! But do not concentrate on this outpouring with your mind! Rather feel how the HEART’S EMANATION flows into the ethereal WORLD, thereby filling the whole Earth with LOVE. • The progressive development, the feeling of outpouring LOVE brings the sensation of physical expansion with it. But not your body expands, but your aura, whose LIGHT emanates through your body to the outside, transfiguring it in the process. (Comment: This was revealed to a specifically high degree during the transfiguration of JESUS, when he talked to Moses and Elias on Mount Sinai and all three were enveloped in LIGHT.) • A constant positive attitude is important during meditating. Tune yourself in a way that you can only attract goodness, beauty and truth. Do not allow yourself under any circumstances to be influenced by base, undeveloped ASTRAL BEINGS, by hanging onto negative thoughts. • Try to find the point of absolute stillness inside of you. It lies beyond all thought and it can therefore not be reached through any type of method of thought concentration. It is simply a becoming aware of the divine LIGHT, the INNER MASTER or the true SELF. The affluence of LOVE is your true SOURCE of ENERGY, your strength and your wisdom. • Remain alert during your meditation! It can happen that you see objects or hear sounds in the stillness of the spirit or with the help of your power of imagination. Try to recall the details of these objects and sounds after. Take notice of the radiation and brilliance. Writings in letters of LIGHT can also appear. These are often seen in meditations, also symbols or signs that would like to transmit a message to the meditator. Allow yourself the time to learn the content of these messages, because it is the language of the spirit. • JESUS said: “Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock on any door (the doors of heavenly mysteries) and they will open.” – This is what you must do in your meditations. • You will always find GOD if you look for HIM with simplicity, truth and humility. GOD is in the HEART. The HEART is like a calm water that reflects GOD and the TRUTH. Learn to look into the HEART to find the KEY to WISDOM, to spiritual insights and to the answers to all human questions. GOD’S LOVE and beauty will be realised in your day to day life with the same intensity that you strive for GOD. Everything will turn out fine for those that love GOD. • The meaning and purpose of this life is that GOD’S SPIRIT can utilise your existence to enhance GOD’S GLORY here on Earth. It couldn’t be any other way, because GOD’S COSMIC LAW determines that everything that is good in man attracts goodness in return.

• Once you are convinced that life is eternal you will have found the TRUTH. This can happen during meditation when you experience COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS during a sudden moment of enlightenment. You then know with absolute certainty that life lasts forever, that it always existed and that it will always exist and that you are this life yourself. This is why you cannot and will never die. • The secret of the POWER lies in the stillness of the soul. • Be constantly aware that the control of emotions is of paramount importance if you want to maintain your inner contact with the MASTER. If you feel an uncontrolled flareup raise within you, you must immediately endeavour to transform it and send it out in the form of delicate, pure LOVE. This isn’t easy my brother or sister, but if the path was easier, the prize at the end of the path wouldn’t be so august. • Learn to affirm your fate. • The presence of the COSMIC CHRIST will be granted to you when you look for HIM with childlike simplicity and humility. If you succeed, you will be able to absorb HIS LOVE, wisdom and ENERGY within you. You will then be at one with all life. You will then achieve COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. You are even now not separated from life. You are in it, you are a part of every creature, you are the universe itself. When you are consciously aware of being a part of this cosmic life, you will feel the strong support from the COSMIC CHRIST and all fears, all tiredness and unrest will fall from you. • Hold your heart open like a cup so that it can accommodate the golden wine, the LIFE FORCE. • If you want to make contact with your HIGHER SELF you should go to a quiet room and talk to GOD in your heart. This will expand your consciousness. • When the will in your heart to become analogical to CHRIST is strong enough, a DOOR will open in your consciousness through which your HIGHER SELF can enter into your physical body. • When you stumble on your path, you must get up over again, you must mobilise your inner strength, inner LIGHT and all ENERGIES. • Do not believe that there is no recovery for you when you are ill because your doctor said so. Rather believe us when we say to you that all things are possible with GOD. There is only one thing to do, continue to incessantly train your faith. Faith is inner knowledge, an inner security. • Do not talk to others about your illness unless what you say can help others. Ban the illness from your world of thought and strive for the HIGHER LIFE of the spirit beyond the mortal body. • An enormous eruption of LIFE FORCE comes from the inside of the sun. Golden LIGHT radiates down on you, even now, at this very moment. Wait – absorb it – become filled with it. • Constantly assimilate your mundane self with your HIGHER SELF and the heart of the sun logos. You should open your inner consciousness over again and this on a daily basis so that you can see the mighty radiant shine of the golden LIGHT that comes from the sun. In its centre is the

CHRIST SPIRIT, the source of all LIGHT, all TRUTH and recouperation. When you feel this whole gloriousness stream into your soul, you organise and create yourself anew and you bring harmony to your whole being. You can then only feel LOVE. You will be perfect at this point in time, because you cannot be imperfect in CHRIST. • Never again worry about material things. You cannot serve two masters. It is of particular importance that you understand, believe and live this if you want to progress on your spiritual path. Remain steadfast when doubts and fears want to subjugate you. The CHRIST ENERGY is powerful, it is mighty and it can achieve everything, because it comes from GOD and GOD is the HIGHEST. • Everything you want to do, dedicate to GOD’S HONOUR and the energy to accomplish it will be given to you. Understand and recognise that all energy will be given to the souls that love GOD. To the same extent that you are filled with veneration and devotion for your CREATOR, your heart will glow inside of you with the LIGHT of the living SUN. A human being in possession of such LOVE will illuminate every room with this LIGHT. • You are not here to dream your life away. You are here to beautify your life and to enjoy all the gifts GOD gives you. Balanced human being will arrange their life in such a way that they are happy themselves and make others happy also. They glorify GOD in the process. • Think: FATHER, you know what I need. Allow YOUR POWER to work inside of me and through me. You will then discover that HIS POWER works like magic inside of you. You are then no longer stressed and tired, but effervescently light and in good humour, because you whole being is filled with this ENERGY. • Therefore, when you meditate, allow all external things to fall from you. Consign spirit, souls and body to the joys of a HIGHER EXISTENCE and over time you will learn to remain calm even in times of tumult in the outside world. Even though there are two aspects, namely negative and positive, the negative is always subordinate to the positive and will gradually dissolve in the latter. • Not even those that practise meditation want to be led astray by what they call their power of imagination. But this creative POWER – if people were only aware of it – is their greatest gift in spite of this. If you were no longer capable of producing thought images, you would hardly be capable of inventing or configure anything. But it is of special importance that people’s power of imagination and ambitiousness grow towards the DIVINE. • Be moderate in all things, be wise and retain your equanimity. The spiritual and the practical life must be in balance. • The vital doctrine of man’s powers of imagination must be studied and investigated intensively in the future in order to be better understood, because the ability to imagine things is indeed the door that leads to man’s creative FORCES. The higher WORLDS will be opened up for your with this spiritual FORCE. • Some people think that to meditate simply means to sit there and devote time to beautiful thoughts. That is not enough! Correct meditation brings insights, because it frees the soul from the fetters of the physical and mental body. The soul trained in meditation has learned to penetrate

to the TEMPLE of WISDOM. There, in the stillness, it receives the understanding and the knowledge it seeks from TEACHER. • The secret of meditation is to reach beyond all thought processes. Therefore, do not try to concentrate your thoughts on someone or something. Rather try to get behind and beyond the mental level, beyond any sentimentality, to where stillness reigns. Once you have arrived there it is essential that you pictorially imagine forms. But we advise you to begin with, to concentrate all your thoughts and prayers, as well as your whole determination, on GOD, because it is necessary for you to lift yourself to higher LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS right at the start of your meditation in order to connect with your HIGHER SELF and your CELESTIAL BODY. • When you adopt a kind and tolerant attitude towards all of life’s circumstances and when you see how calm you become – calm and above all, strong – strong enough to support your weaker siblings – strong enough to speak the right words – strong enough to do the right deeds – thereby turning into a bastion of POWER and LIGHT – when you look injustices in the eyes, face up to the animosities from superior spirits – knowing that all thing will turn into goodness at the right time and that justice will eventually triumph – when you have the patience to await the effects of GOD’S WILL – when you can see yourself in this light – you will then know quite a bit about MASTERSHIP. • During the many difficulties meditating people encounter whilst striving forward, they are never without an invisible GUIDE and TEACHER that will inspirationally remind them to be true and show endurance on their path towards their goal. Therefore, take notice of your feelings! The consciousness of the meditators will gradually expand and it distends from inside to the outside until the meditators sees GOD everywhere and in everything. Once this point has been reached, they will have gained COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. • You might want to say now: “All of this is good and proper, but it seems to me that no matter how hard I try to get my thoughts in order, they simply cannot change the world and they also cannot effectuate that other people do what I would like them to do. – No, never convert anyone! Let others do whatever they like to do. They must, just like you, learn from their own experiences! • We can guarantee you this TRUTH: Once you have opened your consciousness to a spiritual LIFE, you will have opened up your heart to the GUIDANCE and the friendship of ANGELS and you will never again remain without THEIR HELP! Go out into the world with this assurance in your heart.

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