A tried and tested meditation instruction

PSYCHO-SCIENTIFIC FRONTIERS Selected publications from a variety of subjects of psycho-scientific research. Editor: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen * Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet: https://www.psygrenz.com E-Mail: RoLi@psygrenz.de Translator’s email : evak30@optusnet.com.au Title : A tried and tested meditation instruction Author : Rolf Linnemann The following is a description of a breath controlled meditation that should last for about 15 to 20 minutes. A quiet musical background can be freely introduced if desired. 1. Preparation Make sure that you are not interrupted during the next half an hour. Sit comfortably, with a straight spine. Place your hands with their backs on your knees so that the palms of your hands face upwards. Or: the palm of your left hand is placed on top of the back of the right hand (or vice versa). Or: place your hands loosely opened in your lap. The open hands point towards your solar plexus thereby closing the energy CIRCUIT. Select the position of your hands according to your inner consent. Close your eyes in order to fade out the outside world. 2. Process Take a deep breath and exhale it through the mouth. Repeat this three times. Then breathe quietly and normally, without forcing your breathing. Now visualise a SOURCE of white LIGHT above your head that comes from the CREATOR. Ask HIM mentally for HIS PROTECTION for the subsequent meditation. • Whilst you breathe in, draw this LIGHT from the SOURCE down to your head. • Whilst you breathe out, direct this LIGHT down the front of your body, under your feet and up your back and back to the SOURCE. • Whilst you breathe in, draw the white LIGHT once again down to your head. • Whilst you breathe out, direct the LIGHT down over one side of your body, again under your feet and back up the other side back to the SOURCE. Continue to breathe quietly and visualise how a white ENVELOP of LIGHT spreads itself around your whole body. All gaps and seams of the thus created ENVELOP of LIGHT are completely

closed. You are now inside a SHELL of a blinding white LIGHT that will protect you from all negative VIBRATIONS. (This is excellently suitable to build up your daily PROTECTION from negative spiritual INFLUENCES and this should happen in conjunction with a mental plea for PROTECTION) Continue with breathing quietly and visualise how a golden BEAM of LIGHT emanates from the SOURCE of the white LIGHT, and like a laser beam, penetrates the protective SHELL to hit your CROWN CHAKRA. • Whilst you breathe in, draw even more golden LIGHT down to your head • Whilst you breathe out, the golden LIGHT penetrates through your CROWN CHAKRA into your head and begins to fill it. • Whilst you breathe in, continue with drawing golden LIGHT to your CROWN CHAKRA. • Whilst you breathe out, your head will fill with more and more of this LIGHT. Continue with breathing quietly until your neck is also filled with golden LIGHT. You can then fill your upper torso, your arms, your stomach and your legs and feet until the surplus of the gold coloured LIGHT strikes the ground via the ROOT CHAKRAS. Continue with quietly breathing and maintain the FLOW of ENERGY. Whilst your body fills with golden LIGHT, the CHRIST LIGHT begins to react in your spiritual HEART which is located in the middle of your chest. The CHRIST LIGHT will grown and it increases in size with every additional inflow of the gold coloured LIGHT. Whilst you observe how your CHRIST LIGHT increases in size, it starts to penetrate through the limitations of your body to emanate out into the world. – (This emanation is what is called “SENDING LIGHT”, namely to send LIGHT in HIS NAME, but completely without one’s own options) Your own individual VIBRATIONS will simultaneously be heightened through the enlarged CHRIST LIGHT. It will thereby approach the divine HIERARCHY, that is to say, the distance to the MESSENGERS of LIGHT is reduced and CONTACT can (!) eventuate. Ask a question in your mind, for instance whether an authorised divine ENTITY would like to talk to you. Listen with concentration. Repeat your question a number of times. But: D o n o t f o r c e a n y t h i n g ! Do not be disappointed if you hear nothing. Things might be completely different during the next meditation the following day. Remember: Even a student of the highest mathematics does not turn into a master of his trade after listening to just one lecture! 3. Ending End your meditation by mentally closing your seven main energy centres (Chakras). Close every individual chakra, for instance with a disk of LIGHT or mentally brush the chakras with one hand from the root chakras up to the crown chakra. Envelop yourself after again with LIGHT, as described in chapter 2. Bad Salzuflen, May 2003