Ps y c h i c Wo r k i ng C i r c l e Publisher: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet : E-Mail : Translator’s email: The answers to these questions were transmitted by TEACHERS from the SPHERES of LIGHT. Paranormal voices appearing within the protocol were captured on tape and are marked with T.B: (Tonband). Any words that are underlined are authentic with the original trans- mission. This working circle grew out of a meditation group and commenced its psychic activities on October 25th 1995. Meeting records : Extracts of P64, year 1997 Theme : RESPECT ( Awe ) Questioner : Members of the working group Kind of transmission : Verbal inspiration and/or medial writing TEACHER of the LIGHT : ARON, AELIUS, ALBERT, BALTASAR, BARTHOLOMÄUS EMANUEL, JOACHIM, LUKAS, LEONARDT, MICHAEL, MAGDALENA, TIMOTHY. GUESTS until now : AMENDON, ELIAS, EUPHENIUS, TAI SHIIN. I n t r oduc to r y wo rds : GREETINGS TO GOD AND PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! We are welcoming all present from the OTHER WORLD very cordially. „Where two or three are assembled in my NAME there I’ll be right in the mid- dle of them,“ these CHRISTIAN WORDS shall guide all our meetings. We will do this work in HIS NAME so that it will serve everybody. Only HE is able to send authorised TEACHERS so that we can receive the TRUTH. We ask CHRIST to bless all present here with HIS spiritual PROTECTION so that we won't be a plaything for the antagonist of GOD. We know that we have to make the greatest contribution ourselves. – Our destination is it to grow through spiritual TEACHING, then to be able to distribute the TRUTH there where it can fall on fertile ground. We are asking for GUIDANCE so that our mission on Earth will be justified. We can- not reach this destination under our own steam without spiritual HELP. We thank all HELPERS from the OTHER WORLD who support us in this. In this sense we are hoping for a blessed and enlightening evening. Words from the MESSENGER of LIGHT, WHITE EAGLE Never forget that you are a child of GOD, created by GOD. Your spirit is the same as, if we are al- lowed to use this picture, a SEED that comes from the HEART of GOD. Your are a son, a daughter of the living FATHER-MOTHER-GOD, who has sown you – HIS golden SEED – in the darkness of the Earth so that you should grow to perfection.