Reincarnation and Karma - Addendum

Ps y c h i c Wo r k i ng C i r c l e Publisher: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet : E-Mail : Translator’s email: The answers to these questions were transmitted by TEACHERS from the SPHERES of LIGHT. Paranormal voices appearing within the protocol were captured on tape and are marked with T.B: (Tonband). Any words that are underlined are authentic with the original transmission. This working circle grew out of a meditation group and commenced its psychic activities on October 25th 1995. Protocols touched upon : Additional questions from the 16 th of December 2001. Theme/specifics : Reincarnation and Karma Addendum Questioners : The members of the Psychic work circle Mode of transmission : Verbal inspiration and automatic writing TEACHERS of LIGHT : ARON, AELIUS, ALBERT, BALTASAR, BARTHOLOMEUS, EMANUEL, EUPHENIUS, JOACHIM, LUKAS, LEONHARD, MICHAEL, MAGDALENA, TIMOTHY. Previous guests : AMENDON, ELIAS, SEATH, TAI SHIN, SETHAN. __________________________________________________________________________________ Question : There are a few questions dealing with some obscurities within the protocol “Reincarnation and Karma” we would like to ask. To the question: “Does a soul reincarnate immediately, if it dies shortly after being born?” We received the answer: “It depends on whether the soul had to impart the souls of its parents a certain assignment through its death. It can also be a case of dissolving karma. But it could also be a case where the soul dies due to genetic circumstances and thereby receives a chance of an immediate reincarnation.” - What does ‘genetic circumstances’ exactly mean? EUPHENIUS: What is meant here is that genetic defects could be present, which could not have guaranteed a prolonged life expectancy on planet Earth for the physical body of the soul. If the reincarnation did go ahead anyway, the soul would have been born with a physical handicap that was not provided for in the divine PLAN. Our side can not always foresee to what degree your birth and the development of your physical body can be damaged by external circumstances we have no control over, especially in this day and age. These represent obstructions either caused by environmental influences or by what you eat. Further influences are possible from the sun’s intensity levels, so that the physical body is weakened or is born with certain physical afflictions. A soul is