Genetic research - Addendum 1

Ps y c h i c Wo r k i ng C i r c l e Publisher: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet : E-Mail : Translator’s email: The answers to these questions were transmitted by TEACHERS from the SPHERES of LIGHT. Paranormal voices appearing within the protocol were captured on tape and are marked with T.B: (Tonband). Any words that are underlined are authentic with the original transmission. This working circle grew out of a meditation group and commenced its psychic activities on October 25th 1995. Protocol extracts from : P 184 to P 186 from the year 2002 Theme/special features : Genetic research (Addendum 1) Questioners : Members of the Psychic Work Circle Type of transmission : Verbal inspiration and automatic writing SPIRIT TEACHERS : ARON, AELIUS, ALBERT, BALTASAR, BARTHOLOMEUS, EMANUEL, EUPHENIUS, JOACHIM, LUKAS, LEONHARD, MICHAEL, MAGDALENA, TIMOTHY. Previous guests : AMENDON, ELIAS, TAI SHIN, SEATH, SETHAN, SETUN. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Question :The protocol “Genetic research” states: “Genetic research is a building block you need in order to survive the next century. Without this control and knowledge, namely to be in a position to implement regenerating processes within your body, you wouldn’t be able to exist in the world around you, a world you created for yourselves”. - What’s the use of all the spiritual healings and alternative remedies if they cannot guarantee our survival? EUPHENIUS: Spiritual healing is only acknowledged and accepted by those people who can mentally absorb this type of healing. Many are not ready to deal with this and to accept it. Through genetic research you will be confronted with a lot of new things you are not yet able to deal with and cope with. You will receive a great enrichment in regards to knowledge in many areas and this will give you the ability to advance medically and scientifically to such a degree that you will recognise just how the BUILDING BLOCKS of your life-system are divinely interrelated. An interplay between the spiritual PLANE and your mundane plane will eventuate, a connection, so that you will recognise how GOD’S MESSAGES reach you and how you, as core-souls, are coalesced together with all that constitutes your