World climate - Addendum

Ps y c h i c Wo r k i ng C i r c l e Publisher: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet : E-Mail : Translator’s email: The answers to these questions were transmitted by TEACHERS from the SPHERES of LIGHT. Paranormal voices appearing within the protocol were captured on tape and are marked with T.B: (Tonband). Any words that are underlined are authentic with the original transmission. This working circle grew out of a meditation group and commenced its psychic activities on October 25th 1995. Extracts from protocols : P 193 to P 196 from the year 2002 Theme : World climate (Addendum 1) Questioners : Members of the research circle Type of transmission : Verbal inspiration and automatic-writing SPIRIT TEACHERS : ARON, AELIUS, ALBERT, BALTASAR, BARTHOLOMEUS, EMANUEL, EUPHENIUS, JOACHIM, LUKAS, LEONHARD, MICHAEL, MAGDALENA, TIMOTHY. Previous guests : AMENDON, ELIAS, TAI SHIIN, SEATH, SETHAN, SETUN. _________________________________________________________________________________ _ Question :What can you tell us about the present environmental catastrophes? LUKAS :Your thoughts manifest themselves in your environment. Your thought energies flow into what you call the “morphogenetic field”. The INNER WORLD, that is to say, your thought cosmos, has an effect on the external world, on what you see. This explains the fact that a lot of natural catastrophes take place within these areas. In one of our protocols, we explained to you long ago that Germany would experience devastating storms and floods and this quite some time before these natural catastrophes actually took place. But often, unfortunately all too often, what we say is not taken serious. Question :Are our thoughts the actual rulers and proprietors of power on Earth? (T. B: This is where you notice this.) LUKAS : If you would behave accordingly and cooperate with nature spirits, those of the four elements, and specifically, consciously cooperate, you could even influence the weather with your thoughts. You would create the LAND of SUMMER here on Earth, a mirror image of the spiritual realm, the way it could be on Earth if you only