SANTINER-Contact 2000

8 TAI SHIIN :We know that these fears bring this about in the most diverse of nations. We don’t want to worsen the situation by stoking the fires of these fears even more so . Our way is to alleviate fears and to bring enlightenment. This cannot be brought about through a reverse spectacle, but only through a reversed thought process by the spirit and the soul and through that inner divine SPARK. Question :Some people on this planet are convinced that Earth receives visitors from unidentified flying objects. But most people consider this to be an absurd assumption by fringe groups, whose members are more or less mazy in their heads. They find support for this point of view in governments, which attest that UFOS don’t exist and that this can be verified through allegedly top secret means. But UFO researchers point out that no government needs to keep classified material about something that doesn’t exist. Isn’t it therefore not equally absurd that the authorities deny access to these files based on the reasons that the national security could be compromised? TAI SHIIN :This shows very clearly how pathological and confused these people really are. And these people have the power to instigate wars and destruction. These are contradictions that a logically thinking individual on your side must find immediately and strikingly obvious. Basically speaking, everyone knows that more things exists and more existences are present than what exists here on Earth. ANGELS are also CREATURES who come from outside . The Church accepts these ANGELS. On the other hand, the Church vetoes the doctrine of reincarnation. How can all of this be brought together? Question :A conference on the Earth’s climate is presently in progress in The Hague. Many people with serious concerns about the planet’s future doubt that the global warming caused by man can be stopped. How do you see this? TAI SHIIN :This is a very critical problem, because the melt off of the Polar Regions and a heating of the Earth’s inner core has already begun. The climatic changes have also emerged from the inner commotions of your Earth. We cannot tell you whether it will be possible to check or to stop this avalanche that has already begun. Question :Could planet Earth be saved, if the industrialised nations would take immediate measures? TAI SHIIN :This is only a piece of the whole puzzle. The causes are found on various planes and in various areas: We can begin by looking at the industrialisation and the industries here on Earth. We can conclude our observations by looking at your destructive thought processes. And there is a whole series of other causes in between and they all make their contribution . You drill considerable windows into the earth, brought about through drilling and blasting. The Earth’s equilibrium loses its balance.  The rotation of a ball is affected by a dent on the surface of the ball. (Golf ball) You can apply this simile in regards to your planet.