SANTINER-Contact 2000

2 We would like to give you greater understanding in regards to the POWER the CHRIST LIGHT that can counteract the machinations of mankind. All of you want to help. But we say to you - the best you can do it to bring the LIGHT of CHRIST to shine within your own soul. Welcoming all present and the start of questioning. Participant :GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD! Welcome. We extend a sincere welcome to our FRIENDS from the universe. This is the first time this year that we can welcome you here. We would appreciate you intensified presence her in this circle. (T. B: The UFOS are here.) TAI SHIIN :GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD AND PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! This is TAI SHIIN speaking. We are present here as a small group and we thank you for your invitation. Our presence will be amplified next year and we will be your guest more often in order to give you information about what the star-fleet has in mind for your planet. We greet you in the name of all those aligned with you and are pleased to see the way this circle, this little circle, distinguishes itself so brilliantly within the darkness of the Earth’s strata. We have maintained contact with your work group for quite some time, especially with your spirit TEACHERS and your LEADERS. We need a basis here on Earth in order to convey our messages and in order to inform you about what’s in store for the next years and decades. First of all we had to wait for this circle to mature, so we could establish a basis to work with you. We also need ENERGY of LIGHT and VIBRATION that makes it possible for us to establish our contacts and that allows our transmissions to flow. We hope that this will be possible in the near future and that it can take place on a regular basis. We thank you for being prepared to receive us here and for being willing to absorb what we, as the mouthpiece of the CREATOR, have to tell you in a divine SENSE. May peace enter into your hearts and into the things the CREATOR has in store for this globe. May peace enter the whole of this planet Earth in order for you to apprehend the reason for your existence here. The fact is that we may accompany you on this journey. We have the ASSIGNMENT to support you in very specific areas, to inspire you and to draw YOUR attention to our superior WORLD POWER - please understand WORLD POWER correctly. All of us assembled here, not just the spiritual TEAM at your side, but also we, here as representatives of a different human race, want to support you in your efforts and in your actions.