SANTINER-Contact 2000

11 TAI SHIIN :You shouldn’t imagine that we just twist a knob and we’re in the Middle Ages.  We travel spiritually and not with a machine! We have the opportunity to align ourselves with our spirit in a way that allows us to leap across space and time. Question :Does this mean that you cannot fly back in time with your flying saucers? TAI SHIIN :This is not possible. We do this through our spirit, which is coupled with your Earth’s history. Question :ASHTAR SHERAN’S brochure “Armageddon” states that: “As we still do not possess a time machine that allows us to go back into the past in spite of our highly advanced technology, we had to look for other opportunities.” - Is he talking about journeys in the spirit? TAI SHIIN :What is meant is that we do not travel into the past with our machines the way you think we do, but that we relegate ourselves back to different times through our spirit. We possess the ability to uncouple our spirit from matter as is were. Participant :Our meeting this evening has unfortunately run out of time. We thank you for your visit. TAI SHIIN :We thank you for your friendly welcome here in this circle. We thank you for the opportunity of being your guests here in cooperation with your TEAM, in order to give you sporadic messages and to give you the opportunity to ask questions. We, as a BROTHERHOOD, thank you for making this possible and we convey this thanks to your spirit TEACHERS who travel this path with you. We are very pleased with the things this small circle has managed to achieve during the short time you have been together. The real work with you will begin next year. We are pleased about the fact that we are so very welcome here and that it was possible to achieve a FREQUENCY MODULATION that allowed me to report here through this medium. It isn’t particularly easy for us either to achieve an assimilation of FREQUENCIES here on Earth. We also need an ENERGETIC “shower” in order to report here. We thank you for your attention and for your questions. We wish you all the best for the work you do and we are looking forward to a more intimate cooperation next year. How this is going to be achieved in regards to dates and times has not been established yet. We will keep you posted on that one.  This depends on your GUEST who was present here last week. He is an important CORNERSTONE, there to safeguard our work! In the name of the brotherhood of the SANTINER and your SPIRIT TEACHERS, we wish you all the best for your future and for the path you have chosen to travel on. We salute you in the name of all those assembled here to show you the way, not just individually, but as a community. Thank you! We will report back to you in the New