SANTINER-Contact 2000

10 Question :Could it be a case where we are prepared for the landing of entities of incredible might? There is an unbelievable amount of extraterrestrial action depicted in movies these days. TAI SHIIN :There is a reason for all of this. But the fact remains that what you call movies and what is depicted therein doesn’t always conform to reality. We are no monsters and we are not entities that try to exercise their power over others. Our aim is that you will welcome us with an open heart and in the faith of the one DEITY that stands above all of us. But this is presently impossible, because we do not have the divine ASSIGNMENT to do so. Question :The Maya calendar ends with the year 2012. What does this mean for planet Earth? TAI SHIIN :We can tell you in regards to this that this calendar is not correct and that you have to deal with this date very carefully. Even we do not have the capabilities to give you input in regards to time. Objection :But it is astonishing that the Menetekel prophesied in the early sixties that the GDR (East Germany) would collapse and that the wall would disappear overnight. That there would be no Third World War and that a strongman in the Soviet Union was getting ready to make lasting changes to the course of this republic. All of these prophecies have been fulfilled without fail . 2 TAI SHIIN :This is correct. These were specifications that were already visible and unambiguous. What could have happened is that all of this could have been pushed back by 50 years. We cannot give a time frame with an exact day and year. We can announce probable events and hand them down in the form of messages. Question :Are you, the SANTINER, able to do time-travelling and move either backwards or forward in time? TAI SHIIN :We are not subject to a time frame, because due to our ethereality we are able move in various epochs and in various existences. We have conquered death and we have accompanied this Earth for centuries. We are in a position to view your history retrospectively. But it is impossible for us to travel through time in a forward direction, because we do not know how your Earth’s development progresses in the future. Question : Is it possible for you to undertake corrections in regards to the past? TAI SHIIN : We may not do this, because we would interfere with your free will. I was aware that you were going to ask this question. - We are not able to make belated corrections to the decisions you have made throughout your life and in past lives. It would block your development and thereby also our own ! Question :But how is it possible to travel back in time beyond the moment when the machine was constructed? 2 See brochure “Politik, für when?” (Politics, but for whom?)