Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

9 experience that cannot be measured or formulated has no validity , that is to say, is not acknowledged by universities. There will be mistakes in all fields of knowledge for as long as human beings live or have lived on planet Earth. Nothing is so perfect that it cannot be improved upon. University taught knowledge make no exception here. Yesterday’s mockery is taken serious tomorrow. Spiritualism is also a science that has the required experience and traceability. This science also has the right to be incorporated in university taught knowledge and its standard work must take pride of place in all faculties. Spiritualism might be a science of the spirit, but it can also be expressed in certain formulas; these are however not formulas that refer to physical matter, but to the spirit. The first formula states: Nothing exist without GOD’S spirit. – There are a lot of other formulas of great validity over and above that. Physical matter can be measured by physical means, but its values can only be grasped by the spirit . Spirit can only be measured by spiritual means, but the spirit can be incorporated in physical matter. GOD’S LAWS are not inconsequential LAWS, but stem from INTELLIGENCE and are therefore also verbal. Man’s parlance is conceptually also GOD’S language. Terrestrial man’s intelligence is embedded in the intelligent cosmos and it is influenced by the cosmos. Every natural phenomenon, respectively every existence only becomes existent when it is registered by a consciousness. • Consciousness is not an activity of physical matter, but of the divine SPIRIT. Physical matter is however a parallel creation next to the WORLD of SPIRIT. Questions and answers Question : It has been repeatedly reported that well-known MESSENGERS of LIGHT have appeared to different circles or other mediums. This creates a lot of envy and confusion. Is it true that allocated TEACHERS also work with other circles? ARGUN : We get the picture and it is true that the BEARER of LIGHT ZODIAC works with the terrestrial medium Winifred Moyes from the Greater World League within the LORD’S REALM, but he no longer utilises another medium, because his task has been fulfilled. Well my dear friends, I would also like to say that: When a circle is formed, each and every one will receive PROTECTION – and this in the form of a MESSENGER of LIGHT who wants to fulfil a MISSION, namely to turn a garden filled with weeds into a paradise. He must endeavour to do this through a medium. It isn’t easy. • But it is never a case where FRIENDS of the LIGHT from other circles will change from one location to another. No, certainly not, because a BEARER of LIGHT does not establish himself in this way by himself. Every FRIEND neatly stays in his place and I allow myself emphasise the fact that I have to fulfil my MISSION here in this house and nowhere else. My dear friends, I am always at your disposal. But if you did hear something said in my name , I can assure you that it certainly would not have been from me. Question : What is the reason behind otherworldly entities using your name?