Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

56 Answer : Always remember that people have to be shown the ideal in order for you to succeed. If everything that can be achieved can be achieved just like that, progress would slow down. All development takes place incrementally. • You are somewhat ahead of the others and this is why it is only natural that you have to pay a price for it, because nothing can be had for free. The moment people become aware of themselves, they are prepared to take the next step. But this has to happen gradually , only one step after another at the right time. • To achieve everything all at once is not all that important. The moment one becomes consciously aware that progress has to be made, this progress will be realised, because the knowledge about the necessity of further development is a sign that people are no longer blind. Question : Quite a number of well orientated spiritualists regard astrology to be so valuable that they intertwine it with Spiritualism . They hold the opinion that their life in this world is preordained and that it is guided by the position of the stars. Are they correct? Answer : The truth is that one’s whole life consists of a series of VIBRATIONS and RADIATIONS. Besides, human beings are influenced by every part of the natural order. • The stars do exert a certain influence, but are on no account powerful enough to emanate a force over people that cannot be changed. • The otherworldly POWER of the SPIRIT is however a lot more powerful and it can actually coerce human beings. * * * * * * * January 1974 The exploration of the world of the spirit (By Herbert Viktor Speer) Most people have unfortunately been influenced to a degree where they assume that Spiritism and Spiritualism hide a sinister superstition from the Dark Ages. This is the reason why they do not want to even engage in any discussions about it. This prejudice stops a closer scrutiny in its tracks. The pioneers of Spiritualism find it very difficult to prevail under these circumstances. Only a few people are aware that Spiritualism has some very large communities, but they are however not to be found on the Continent. One is somewhat more open-minded in England, where psychic phenomena appear more frequently. We find veritable spiritual Churches there. Spiritualism managed to establish itself very well in Japan. A temple was constructed there whose costs ran into the millions. This enormous investment in itself would have to suffice to startle Europeans, because it would seem illogical to spend so much money on a nonsensical superstition. The MESSAGES received in this temple are very good and they show signs that give them genuine legitimacy.