Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

55 justice or that the soul can be asked to give account. The Japanese revere their ancestors, particularly their past heroes. The Soviet Union will not handle this differently. Anything critical is simply rejected. Everything of use is promoted, according to the motto: “What is good for the state is permissible and all means are justified.” Question : You do believe in positive POWERS: Is there a possibility that these positive POWERS can be defeated by evil POWERS? Answer : This might be possible once in a while, because the great BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON is still raging. From a global point of view: The more we are prepared to support them, the sooner the positive POWERS will win . Questions and answers May 1972 Question : Psycho-scientific doctrines are difficult to make public, because they demand a considerable amount of foreknowledge. Is this why questioners cannot be instantly taught? SILBERBIRKE: I would not like to dismiss the questioners in spite of this, because they learn through you that I am a living INDIVIDUUM they can put all their questions to; I do not want to disappoint them and I will get around to giving them an answer. Whilst I do indeed want to help, I am very much concerned with those that ask for the elemental KNOWLEDGE that is still kept from them. There is still such a lot of work to be done, particularly now as darkness and shadows envelop a lot of people in your country. These people need hope and guidance so that their worries can be mitigated and so that they can approach their life with more joy than they have been able to do in the past. August 1972 Question : According to your opinion, is Spiritualism the best religion? AREDOS : Spiritualism is not a religion; because religion is something that develops within people all by itself when they recognise and respect the divine LAWS. • The Christian Spiritualism is, according to my opinion, a very good philosophy, one that come close to the truth. Brazil, Canada, England, Australia and numerous other countries are far advanced of Germany in this respect. Brazil has its own spiritualistic radio stations. Germany on the other hand has more deriders and television stations are part of this. Germany needs to align with these countries in this respect. There is a lot of catching up to do. There is a very substantial spiritualistic movement in Japan. Due to their better financial situation they built a world renowned spiritualistic temple in Japan that cost millions. October 1972 Question : Why are spiritualists attacked and derided ?