Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

54 AREDOS : This is correct, but doubts lead them towards atheism , because they have no opportunity to better orientate themselves. This is why our mission is so important! * * * * * * * Questions for the circle’s leader April 1972 Question : Supernatural phenomena are given the scientific denotation of “ESP” these days. The Soviet Union has now shown a very specific interest in ESP. Scientists in the Soviet Union achieved exceptional results in this field with the support of the government. How do you assess this development? Answer : A lot of people are of the opinion that the door to the divine regions is being opened in the Soviet Union. I personally believe that this is wrong . An atheistically minded Soviet Union is not interested in a valorising religion. On the contrary – it directs its base interests towards so-called back magic. Question : What does one hope to gain from black magic? Answer : Black magic is a spiritual SOURCE of great significance. It can kill! It can also make people insane. Moreover, one can trigger physical phenomena with the help of black magic that contradict our known terrestrial or physical laws. Russian science sees an opportunity here that can be subsumed within its sociological plan of conquering the world. • Russian is looking for new ordnances. This is very dangerous because these experiments are supported by the BASE WORLD of SPIRITS. Question : Is there a possibility that these experiments also discover good, positive ENERGIES? Answer : Positive ENERGIES can also be utilised in a negative way. Laws of nature exist that we have not yet looked into. The Russians have an advantage in this respect. Question : Do you believe that the Russians will achieve positive results soon? Answer : The fact that the Russians are far better psychologists has always been known. This is the reason why they became so powerful. Whilst the nations in the West usually deride and ridicule supernatural phenomena, the Russians undertake very expensive experiments, they find the same kind of support as all other research within the sector of armament. Question : The Russians succeeded in detecting and photographing the human ASTRAL ENERGY BODY. Would this not inevitably lead them towards having to believe in a life after death? Answer : Let’s take Japan as an example: Spiritualism is self-evident in Japan. The Japanese do however reject the idea of responsibility in the hereafter. They do not believe in a higher