Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

53 Question : How do you assess the chances of the so-called New Spiritualism ? Answer : There is nothing in this world that has the means or the clout to arrest the power of the spiritual truth in its advance. In as far as I deal with this, it is just a matter that is subject to time. I do not desire to only observe the required instruments from a distance. Revolutions happen everywhere. Why should this serious knowledge be the exception? • Those that have recognised the truth must stand up for it. They must not leave this battle to others to fight. To merely encourage the fighters from a safe distance or fight the battle in their name is not enough. Each and every one has to make their contribution and they can then be assured that they fulfil the reason for their existence here on Earth. Progress and failure will naturally appear side by side. Your enemies will not surrender without a fight. But you will be the ones that will carry the day. When the LIGHT of the SPIRIT penetrates through the darkness, more and more souls will be touched by the POWER of its RAYS. The number of souls that can say “I know” grows from day to day. You can count on these fellow men, they will stand at your side. A lot of institutions have turned out to be inadequate in people’s hours of need, because they had nothing to offer to a lost and desperate humanity. They only ever referred to something that happened hundreds of years ago; but no active inspiration can be found in them these days. But you can help people and teach them that they were created in order to be mentally and physically free , that they do not have a vassalage in regards to any other doctrine, because they can and should live in accordance with the GREAT PLANNER’S will. • Nobody may live an inhibited or captive existence, all must live in the brilliant sunlight of freedom, brought about and vouched for by knowledge. * * * * * * * October 1971 Question : What is the development of Spiritualism like in the Soviet Union? AREDOS : Psycho-science stands in contrast to the Communist Party’s leadership. Russian scientists are very careful when it comes to formulating their insights. • The party’s leadership would like to distance itself as far away from psycho-science as possible, because it already senses that a lot of its own dogmas are incorrect. A strong belief in the Church is still present within the community, but it is not publicly displayed. The Soviet Union can also not ignore this widely spreading truth. Objection : The faith promoted by the Church often contradicts today’s scientific insights. Even ordinary citizens are aware of this.