Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

52 “The path to clarity and truth is expressed through the religious act of righteousness and inevitably finds its life’s journey into the light of heaven through a concerted effort by all without reciprocal competitiveness and spitefulness. This communal religion verifies itself with its righteous way of life and peacefulness of its existence where no other peace and no special peace but GOD’S PEACE can exist, from inside to the outside and as a reflex from one to the other. Those that live GOD’S just lifestyle know very well where and what a false religion is, theatrical religion abhors them, because they live a sound existence within GOD’S reality from whence all harmonious life springs from. There are more principles true Christians are aware of and from whence the truly pious can gather what is right and what is wrong. The genuine doctrine comes to people directly and vitally from GOD from the highest, intimate SOURCE and every genuine person seeking GOD’S truth will find it in its original form. HE is the profound source of the one truth and a direct signpost for them. HE is the voice and the conscience in people from the divine EGO. Human beings cannot invent their own GOD, because next to the one and only GOD, there cannot be another GOD. They can therefore also not acquire a private divine doctrine or a special revelation about GOD without getting it wrong. Human interpretation or guidance without GOD is completely unreliable. The closer an individual gets to his living GOD, the more secure and safe he feels in all his thoughts and actions along his life’s path. Human guidance, thoughts and explanations will always be coloured by the character they spring from and they will always act according to the times and the circumstances that form their basis. Where one’s life ought to be lived according to one divine religion, we now have thousands of conjured up doctrines for the one singular truth ! GOD’S doctrine has ETERNAL VALIDITY and it is not affected by change. GOD therefore has his mediators (mediums) to proclaim his truth. CHRIST talked to people. Buddha likewise. GOD’S truth is captured by the INNER EAR or via a CONTROLLED HAND. But everything that goes via the human brain is never the original truth.” The spiritualistic temple in Tabuse (Japan) is a modern building of considerable size. The temple was designed by the world famous Japanese architect Kenzo Tange ; this also applies to the facilities of the peace village with its residential hotels, supply buildings and all the administration building where the headquarters of the “World Peace Movement through Spiritual Discipline” with its numerous conference rooms and reception rooms is situated. The opening of the spiritualistic temple was celebrated on the 31 st of May 1964. 200,000 followers, around 500 invited guests and a corps of highly ranked members of government, officials, officers, diplomats, the press and Japanese radio and television were present. This is something German television should make an objective report about! * * * * * * * Questions and answers January 1971 Question : A film about Spiritism in Brazil was shown on television. It was very positive and it emphasised that Spiritism and above all Spiritualism was not something that was restricted to one country. This phenomenon was a problem the whole world was faced with. What can develop from this insight? ELIAS : Research in the Soviet Union into the field of parapsychology, in connection with the practices of South American Spiritism , will provide a completely new philosophy in the near future. April 1971