Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

51 the spirit is not inclined to fulfil materialistic or selfish wishes. The positive side wants to teach and guide terrestrial mankind. But if their pupils have other interests, the positive realm of the spirit turns away from them. The moment this happens and the moment the pupils maintain their association with the world of the spirit in spite of this, they turn into welcome victims of the lower SPHERES from whence one cannot expect any positive indoctrination or guidance. Representatives of the Church have had such experiences and they went from one self-inflicted disappointment to another. Spiritualism was eventually placed under a ban and people assured that one was dealing at most with demons only. This assertion still exists to this very day. To believe the words of the Churches is to believe in a great superstition! There is absolutely no doubt that the realm of the spirit also has a positive side, one that can be approached. But this side demands from us that we improve ourselves and that we listen to its doctrines. The Churches are difficult to approach for these reasons and this is because they believe the words of its priests and trust the correctness of what they say. Our readers have known for a long time just how positive and glorious the answers of our SPIRIT GUIDES are. This has been happening for over 18 years and nothing changed in regards to their affectionate indoctrinations. But we also had our experiences with representatives of the Church who maliciously avoided the truth in order to harm our cause. They forcefully insist that they are right. A priest sent us a vilifying letter from Italy full of threats of hell, as if he had the great mission to see us all rot in hell. A different foreign archbishop on the other hand gave us GOD’S blessing for the work that we do. This shows the differences between the various interpretations of Spiritualism . Researching the hereafter is undoubtedly a path towards world peace. But this path is constantly being obstructed. It is therefore important for one’s own ranks to be closed as tightly as possible. CHRIST said: “Those that are not with me, are against me!” Over the years we have also come to the conviction that Spiritualism does not tolerate compromises . What is of importance above everything else is that mankind’s leadership is introduced to Spiritualism . Some eminent writers and artists have already dedicated their time to this glorious task. CHRIST also drew his doctrines from this connection; this is clearly apparent in the New Testament. The positive realm of the spirit is determined to help us in every possible and allowable way. We may ask questions and MESSENGERS of LIGHT will answer. December 1970 Spiritualism in Japan There was a program on television about Spiritism in Brazil. The narrator emphasised that this type of scientific religion is not restricted to one country, but that is represented a global problem one had to pay implicit attention to. We give you an excerpt about Spiritualism in Japan, from the temple of Tabuse :