Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

50 • Spiritual circles are not here for pure entertainment. Only base spirit foster entertainment. The intelligence games in a good circle are played on a very high level. But one may not expect divine omnipotence from otherworldly GUIDES. They are also not allowed to deal with mundane problems, like for instance winning the lottery or similar advantages. Questions and answers October 1969 Question : Can you suggest to us how we can make Spiritualism and its doctrines so interesting that the general disinterest in it disappears? ELIAS : You cannot do any more than you have been doing, that is your mission. • You have had more influence on the wheel of history that you can ever suspect. The formulations coined here are reflected in all kinds of scripts. I only have to remind of you of the coherences between the Bible and the SANTINER. This version has already become a part of world literature. Astronauts were thought to be GODS. Original creation, the way we explained it, turned into one of the components of science. April 1970 Question : Can you direct a few solemn words at spiritualists? ELIAS : Yes, this I can do: Dear readers and listeners, this is ELIAS speaking, as representative of the realm of the spirit. Please consider all the new insights you gain very carefully. Do not close the door on the truth. Do not think that many roads lead to Rome. They certainly do, but you might lose a lot of valuable time if you reach Rome via detours. • Spiritualism is a valuable gift to human beings, but it can also turn into a maze. Do therefore not fritter away too much time and apply good criticism; if you are logical and just you will recognise the objective truth. * * * * * * * September 1970 The exploration of the realm of the spirit (By Herbert Viktor Speer) To correctly assess Spiritualism requires rather comprehensive experience. A lot of people erroneously believe that the representatives of the Church possess this experience and that they are therefore qualified to give valid answers. This is a mistake, because the representatives of the Church are so tied to biblical traditions that they are actually forbidden under subpoena to express any criticism. The public is hardly aware of this side of theology. Theologians have naturally tried to make beneficial contact with the realm of the Spirit thousands of year ago. This was already common place in ancient Egypt. But the positive side of the realm of