Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

49 religion in England. Queen Elisabeth II sent a telegraphic welcome to the jubilee celebrations of a spiritual society in London. Spiritualism is also not frowned upon in other countries. This Preses was absolutely misinformed. June 1969 The exploration of the realm of the spirit (By Herbert Viktor Speer) One asks oneself the question of how is it possible that Spiritualism is still relatively unknown these days and why it still has to wait before it will be completely acknowledged. Spiritualism is not something new, it reaches as far back as there have been human beings on this Earth. It even played a major role with completely uncultivated peoples and tribes in times past. Because of this particular assessment one is easily inclined to dismiss it as an ancient superstition. Underdeveloped human beings still exist today and they number in the millions, buy they are highly psychic and they are very experienced in this field of knowledge. • One can therefore not talk about an ancient superstition, but about the fact that these peoples and races deal with Spiritualism in a wrong manner and therefore still deal with the LOWEST SPHERES the realm of the spirit features. Almost all cultured people know that native tribes fear the spirits. These spirits are however not imaginary phantoms, they are true reality . One should finally realise this, because this conclusion has nothing to do with a relapse to superstitions. One can certainly not assert that the behaviourism of these uncultured or backward people is correct in this respect. On the contrary – it is our task to educate them. This can however not happen the way the Churches practise this, namely by arguing them out of believing such “superstitions”. One has to make it clear to these native tribes that they deal too much with demons instead of the HIGHER SPHERES where intelligent, knowledgeable, moral and pious spirit live. They have nothing to fear from these spirits, they provide great help and understanding. The mistake of wrongly dealing with Spiritualism repeated itself in the USA later and it drew almost the whole Western World into its spell. This was the American form of Spiritism and it initially enthralled most English speaking people. This wave emanated from the Fox family in 1848. There were suddenly more than 30,000 mediums in the USA. One would now have to assume that this was a success. But why did this wave of spiritualistic activity come to an end so quickly? The false handling and a profane ignorance in regards to spiritual LAWS and REGULATIONS led to dangerous failures whereby a lot of mediums and circle participants ended up in an asylum for the rest of their life. There are still a lot of circles these days that also find themselves in the same kind of danger. • The correct attitude towards the HIGHER SPHERES is missing. – It requires a LOVE for the whole community. - Furthermore, one has to have a genuine courage for pioneering and for confessing. One has to engage one’s whole personality and one’s whole esteem to fight for the truth and one has to keep one’s eyes on the ball. Those that hide behind another fighter are on the wrong track. Those that publicly disown the truth are eliminated. No Peter is tolerated. CHRIST distinctly expressed himself by saying: “Those that are not with me, are against me!”