Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

48 * * * * * * * An interview with the circle’s leader Question : Is Spiritualism a kind of secret doctrine? Leader : Spiritualism is scientific research . This research is particularly difficult because it deals with INVISIBLE LIFE. Furthermore, this research requires suitable instruments , namely good, highly sensitive mediums. All other natural sciences or religions do not require these mediums; they can work without mediums. Spiritualism without mediums is however unthinkable. Spiritualism is not a secret doctrine, but it does demand basic knowledge. But because most people do not possess this basic knowledge they cannot imagine this type of research and connection with a WORLD of the SPIRIT. This is the reason why most people regard Spiritualism , ergo contact with spirits, as silly nonsense or superstition. Question : Why do spiritual circles keep non-members out? Leader : One is not a spiritualist because of one’s participation in a circle, one only becomes a spiritualist through experience and self-discipline. One can also not become an instant yogi. A good connection to the realm of the spirit however absolutely demands that the participants of a circle are experienced spiritualists. A newcomer, a curious or a dogmatic person has an extraordinarily perturbing effect and it can destroy an arduously established circle. Question : What is a spiritualist in your eyes, how must he be? Leader : He may under no circumstances be atheistically minded. He must know that he is dealing with two contrarian organisations, namely the divine and the demonic ORGANISATION. He must know a large part of the LAWS of the SPIRIT and be familiar with the machinations of base spirits. It is also important that he is a servant in the service of mankind . A spiritualist knows that a salvation through the promises of the Church does not exist, that salvation, that is to say, an improvement of one’s EGO only eventuates through nurturing one’s personality towards the positive . A spiritualist possesses considerably more comprehensive knowledge that the average theologian. Question : Do you believe that there are spiritualists amongst theologians? Leader : Yes, but only a few. Some theologians and spiritualists in England however work closely together. • Theologians generally refrain from openly admitting that they are interested in Spiritualism, because they fear the repercussion from their Church administration. They treat Spiritualism like a secret doctrine. Question : A Protestant Preses asserted on television that the Christian Churches deal with GOD, whilst Spiritualism was an idolisation. What do you say to this reproof? Leader : This is evidence of the prejudice of the Churches and at the same time confirmation of their ignorance and malicious calumniation. Spiritualism is a naturally recognised