Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

46 Questions and answers November 1968 Question : Based on the available evidence, we find it incredible that mankind knows so little about Spiritualism . What could be the reason as we have very good publication opportunities at our disposal? AREDOS : Spiritualism is not a religious belief, but real knowledge about life. Put more succinctly, Spiritualism is a natural science that isn’t limited to dealing with life on Earth, it also deals with universal insights. • Spiritualism doesn’t have dogmas that take people’s responsibilities away. There is no forgiving of sins by a priest or through divine promises. As we are dealing with the real truth, ergo with objective reality, people must recognise that they can rise up to a HIGHER EXISTENCE with the help of their own insights and their stalwart good will. Terrestrial mankind’s masses do however consequently reject this idea of self-responsibility. One prefers to rely on a religious faith that promises the forgiveness of sins without expecting a fundamental change from people. An absolution absolves them or promises them divine mercy and generous forgiveness. • This unfortunately robs almost all human beings of their self-purification. Such a promise is absolutely useless to them in the hereafter. As Spiritualism reveals completely different conditions through its otherworldly indoctrination, one is not interested, because it is all too inconvenient and encumbering. Let’s take a priest as an example, one who teaches his fellow men the forgiveness of sins; like all the others, he is just a human being. This priest would also like to enjoy the fruits of such an easy acquittal and end up in heaven, let’s call it paradise. He is now suddenly confronted with a doctrine that demands that he makes the greatest of efforts to change himself in a positive way . This priest must now select the belief he like better. He naturally sticks to the easier path, even though it is the wrong one. The same happens with almost all human beings and it matters not whether we are dealing with an eminent personality or a scientist. • Spiritualism always finds it more difficult than any other religion or other philosophy. Before Spiritualism can turn into the future global religion, mankind must learn better discernment. This is actually one specific problem the realm of the spirit is dealing with. World politics represents an almost insurmountable barrier, because it completely distances itself from religion. Politic doesn’t deal with people’s purification, but with life on Earth. January 1969 Question : There are a lot of people who believe that the spiritual mission, namely Spiritualism , must be the responsibility of only a few chosen people. What is your opinion?