Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

45 October 1968 A conversation with the circle’s leader Question : Do you, as the leader of this research circle, have any idea why Spiritualism is so little known by the public? Answer : Spiritualism brushes up against the Christian religion and this makes it a theological issue. As the major Churches have been fighting for singular supremacy in regards to religious matters, they see Spiritualism as a dangerous outsider who could possibly win. All prospects of singular supremacy would then be lost. Objection : The public doesn’t solely depend on the opinion of the major Churches. Answer : The major Churches have completely different means at their disposal to defend their position than Spiritualism . Spiritualism fights for recognition with its own means, respectively depends on its own finances. No government or institution provides any help. The public’s opinion is influenced by the power the major Churches yield. An example: Let’s assume that a priest would preach the truth at a funeral. He would for instance say that the deceased are not dead, but that they live amongst us . Those assembled at the grave site would ask themselves whether the priest still had all his marbles. One would not believe him and assume that he is spreading fantasies and lies. Hardly anyone of those present would entertain the thought that the priest could be telling the truth for a change. This is how powerful the traditional opinion of the Church is anchored in the public’s consciousness. Most people have no opportunity and possess no knowledge to convince themselves of the objective truth in this field of knowledge. This is less difficult for a spiritualist. This truth is extraordinarily difficult to comprehend to an outsider. The Church’s opinion is so powerfully represented that one sees every attempt to research in that direction a pure waste of time. Spiritualism , actually representing the truth, therefore finds it infinitely difficult to progress. Question : Do you see a possibility to gain the public’s interest? Answer : Yes. The newspapers would have to show more courage and play an illuminating role. But the newspapers fear interventions by the Church whose powers they respect. This is the reason why all the phenomena the newspapers get to hear about are misappropriated or denigrated. The public respects the opinion of the press. This is why it is almost impossible for the truth to prevail, unless the realm of the spirit acts in such a powerful way that the sciences are forced to take a serious interest in this. Question : You mentioned financial difficulties. How can one solve this question in your opinion? Answer : During the 16 years of our assiduous and difficult activity in this field of knowledge we ascertained that each spiritual contact is not more highly rated than a visit to the cinema. The fact that the medium performs a most eminent feat is simply seen as the medium’s duty. An objective insight is lacking here.