Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

42 was published in the magazine “Der Spiegel”. Spiritualistic circles are shown contempt with words like: “They produce a manifold assortment of religious-messianically coloured brochures.” The author of the articles however overlooks the fact that this colourfulness does not stem from the terrestrial circle’s participants, but from the otherworldly with whom contact has been established. This is one of the indispensable conditions tied to this. Now, if atheists attempt to make spiritual contact – even if it is on a very psychic level – success is not guaranteed by a long shot, because the religious requirements are not being fulfilled. This is why the Bible says: “Knock on any door and it will open.” This knocking on the door is not to be taken literally. It is rather more a case of having religious condition fulfilled. Scientific experiments have also revealed that spiritual results were inadequate, even though some religious compromises were allowed. But such compromises are not a knocking on the DOORS of the realm of the spirit by a long shot. This knocking on DOORS cannot be a mere lip service or a superfluous cultic act – not even candle light. A most inner, deep-felt devotion for the HIGHEST ENTITY human beings can imagine must be present. Our experience tells us that only this knocking on doors will be heard. Most people who turn to Spiritism, or its higher form of Spiritualism, want to have proof that this matter is bona fide right from the start. They are only inclined to believe when they have proof in their hands. This is not the way it works! The spiritual path to HIGHER INSIGHTS is a different one. People must really devoutly believe in it to begin with. They cannot have the slightest doubt. When they knock on the door of the realm of the spirit with that attitude, they will receive the evidence that their belief was not a superstition. This doesn’t require a direct contact through automatic writing or through trance. • Those that meditate along these lines, by fulfilling the conditions, will receive an answer via the ability of their soul that will be conspicuous enough to ascertain its origin. Which researcher, which handicapped academic is prepared to go the reversed path? – Their inner attitude is unfortunately that way, namely that they demand from GOD that HE comes to them to verify HIS existence. GOD’S LAWS however demand from people to undertake the path to GOD. Not the other way round! CHRIST, being extremely knowledgeable, emphasised this fact strongly enough. • The religious aspect may not be overemphasised, but it is indispensable if one expects to be successful. * * * * * * * Questions and answers November 1967 Question : One of our readers wrote to us saying that she ascertained whilst trying to spread the message that a lot of people are genuinely afraid of Spiritualism . What do you say to that?