Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

41 ELIAS : This is because these scripts contain an important and decisive truth. Most people unfortunately want to be lied to . The want the basest kind of sensations . At least they want to hear and confirmed the things that fit in with their concepts . But for the horde of people who have been reading these scripts for some time they represent a great support in this life and for their spiritual LIFE. • Besides, all the readers who read our messages in earnest are spiritually looked after by us. We are also their FRIENDS! People’s behaviourism will change over time, because a lot of the newspapers show a more positive attitude towards HIGHER THINGS. The media like radio and television also gradually swing the other way. Prejudices that have been around for many, many years must disappear. Parapsychology will makes this possible. The broader masses must be urgently informed about the professorships that have been established in various countries in this field of knowledge . A lot of things will change once reliable results have been achieved and published. The mediums in the laboratories are unfortunately not treated correctly. The things that are expected of them are downright disgraceful. But piecemeal will also help. Question : Wherein lies the greatest resistance against the work that we do? ELIAS : Apart from the finances, it is mainly ridicule. The connotations of “ghosts”, “souls” and “hereafter” produce an uncomfortable aftertaste in most people. Question : From which source does the greatest derision come from? ELIAS : The greatest derision come from the masses of students . We are almost exclusively dealing with young people who lack human maturity and experience. Whereby older pundits usually judge things more carefully . Young students are superficial in their assessment. Once they have studied a special subject they feel that they are omnipotent. But those that delve deeper into the subject matter fear the opinion and the derision of their fellow students. They fear being ridiculed by others and therefore keep their opinion to themselves. And there is also the fact that politics and religion do not get on with one another at all. September 1967 The exploration of the world of the spirit (By Herbert Viktor Speer) Psycho-science, with its main branch of Spiritualism , is no secret science and certainly not an abnormal issue. Psycho-science is absolutely natural and it concerns a considerable portion of the human existence. Life on Earth is therefore only one phase of the human individuality. Something that generally annoys the established sciences is its religious character. Atheists who constantly endeavour to deny GOD’S existence and who actually deride everything divine lock stock and barrel, particularly balk at the assertions of spiritualists that they are dealing with a DIVINE REALM. Just how powerful this sentiment appears over again is verified by an article that