Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

36 If serious thinkers avow to Spiritism with good reason, the blemish of foolishness or eccentricity will stick to most of them – even before the natural confutations begin – and the other’s fear of being afflicted with such a blemish will rob them of the opportunity of being informed about Spiritism ; they will reject it with abhorrence and even after careful considerations, abide by any likely argumentation that gives them the opportunity of immediate rejection.” What Dr. Matthiesen failed to mention is the following: The above mentioned words very specifically apply to the intellectual echelon . Mainly academics have created this situation. What is therefore even more admirable is that Dr. Matthiesen makes a credible exception. He showed his true colours. Questions and answers January 1967 Guest : Would it be possible for me to contact in this way (automatic writing) with my relatives who have passed away? ELIAS : We decidedly distance ourselves from the usual questioning of the dead . But we do try to make an exception every now and then. So do not worry about it. The point in time can however only be decided by us. It is principally speaking not part of our assignment, but we understand full well if one or two of the circle’s participants would like to contact the deceased. Guest : May I put my question in thought only? ELIAS : You have to be aware that it is not concentrated thoughts that have the greatest POWER, but specifically unconscious thoughts, because they have a special FREQUENCY. • Unconscious thoughts are the most intensive . This is completely misjudged most of the time, even by scientists. • Forced thoughts possess a lesser penetrating power. This also applies to telepathy between terrestrial human beings. You were not told that we mainly answer non-material questions. We do however read from your unconscious thoughts that material thoughts are first and foremost on your mind. * * * * * * * April 1967 The exploration of the realm of the spirit (By Herbert Viktor Speer) One of our female readers informed us she ascertained that people are afraid of the SUPERNATURAL. That this was one reason why this important truth is so difficult to propagate. We can affiliate with this opinion.