Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

35 Questions and answers August 1966 Question : Most people find it difficult to comprehend the psycho-scientific doctrine. How can we make it generally more comprehensible? ARGUN : Yes, that’s true. But this is mainly due to the fact that people do not have sufficient patience to await the success of comprehension. The literature for beginners is lacking. One has to grow into this field of knowledge. Do not expect too much understanding from the layman, simply offer him your support. The Churches are to blame for a lot of the prejudices that exist. Question : Dear ELIAS, should we continue with the formulation of the Menetekel the way we have or should we make some changes? ELIAS : The interest in these messages depends on the themes. But we must leave the selection of the themes up to you. The scripts should otherwise remain as they are. • To put it in print is out of the question. We are also somewhat conservative. You can continue with your questions and we will answer you. Question : Could it not be the case that one could specifically come to the wrong conclusions in regards to its content, because of our self-production of the Menetekel ? AREDOS : We hold a completely different opinion to yours: An enormous amount of material is printed all over the world. Printing presses are at work without rest. Most of it is alphabetic nonsense . • When we assess a script according to its spiritual value, we particularly pay attention to the way it was produced. If a script came into being under difficult, that is to say, very arduous circumstances, ergo assiduously and with love, its content must surely be valuable, because one would otherwise not have gone to all this trouble. The readers should take this into consideration. September 1966 Spiritism Dr. Emil Matthiesen , who wrote three comprehensive, scientific books about one’s personal survival after death, added the following after his positive proof of one’s survival: “A press that is constantly concerned about the public’s opinion is to thank for the fact that the term “spiritist” is still veiled in a penetrating whiff of emotional devaluation these days. A whole horde of words like “dunderheads”, “sinister character”, “superstition” or “deception” semiconsciously enter the fray. If it is said of someone that he believes in spirits, that he has seen a ghost or that he imagines to have communications with the deceased, it will trigger an immediate note of ridicule or suspicion of a pathological illness in a lot of people. One does indeed like to tell eerie stories when the conversation threatens to dry up at a party, but one does so with a sense of telling entertaining children’s stories.