Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

33 extensive literature of this field of knowledge however verifies that we are dealing here with quality research and insights. This is actually the greatest incomprehensible phenomenon that exists: • A science that deals with the continuous existence of human beings even beyond death is left to its own devises! There are indeed parapsychological institutes associated with universities. We have however ascertained that these institutes are not capable of defining insights the way private research can. Private research actually has better mediums , also better meeting participants and greater experience and besides this, cultivates a friendship with authorised TEACHERS of the REALM of the hereafter. Mistakes are naturally made, but mistakes are made in all other scientific fields of knowledge also. It is therefore unfair to select one or more mistakes when trying to verify that Spiritualism has a false definition. We rather hold the opinion that there are not enough experts that could make a genuine, professional selection amongst the teaching materials. • We talked to physicians who were initially completely unsympathetic, but after having studied our séances, came to the conclusion that the sciences missed out on an incredible chance here. This chance has not completely disappeared – there is still time! From the correspondence we receive we can see that there are lots of private circles that genuinely endeavour to find the truth. How unfair then that these people, who positively work on themselves, are called “mentally retarded” and treated accordingly. • The inconsiderateness of this world is based on false insights and false perceptions. Mankind can be thoroughly altered. The Churches are however just as stuck as politics. Just how the alteration of mankind can be introduced has to be considered very carefully. We gratefully accept all suggestions. The exploration of the realm of the spirit is not really faced with difficulties. The existing difficulties lie with the publication of its results. Most people are not prepared to deal with such specialised literature. Mentioning the “supernatural” suffices to immediately discard such a brochure. Who bears the guilt and the responsibility for this behaviour? Can one consult one’s parson, priest or one’s doctor concerning this matter? July 1966 The exploration of the realm of the spirit (By Herbert Viktor Speer) Spiritism is more widely spread than one generally assumes. Its practise is however conducted behind closed doors. One does not like to be seen as a backward, superstitious human being. In a word: One is ashamed . – One question immediately pops up, does the spiritist do something wrong that he has reason to feel ashamed in public? This circumstance cannot be discussed meticulous enough and it must be openly discussed. The sciences and theology must also deal with this theme without fanaticism and without prejudice. We would like to specifically mention the following from within our own experience: