Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

32 Questions and answers May 1966 Question : Is it right for Spiritualism to deal with political problems? Answer : You must defend yourselves against all forms of egotism. You have to combat all tyrants, great or small. You have to challenge all the parasites that gain benefits from other people’s suffering and those that enrich themselves to the detriment of others. No detailed battle plan has to be drawn up for this. Everyone with a spark of common sense knows what the task is. What political party anyone joins is none of my business. My interests lie solely with LIFE’S GUIDANCE. I can tell you that you will never err if you pay attention to the absolute truth . When you encounter injustices, you have to fight them with fair means. Nobody should entertain the idea that only the others should go into battle against a tyrant. June 1966 Question : Spiritualism finds it difficult to spread its message because only a few people have room in a circle. It is also not easy to exchange them. All other interested parties have to rely on the brochures we publish. Things one cannot see with one’s own eyes are difficult to verify. What can you tell us about this problem? AREDOS : Only good will and forthrightness in one’s search for the truth can lead to results. So- called miracles will not convince either if there is no good will. • People can, if so inclined, reject all bodacious phenomena with the help of assumptions and theories. They could on the other hand indeed admit that a miracle took place, but will search for an explanation that has nothing to do with GOD or with the realm of the spirit. Spiritualism is not relevant to these people and they only hinder its development unnecessarily. * * * * * * * June 1966 The exploration of the realm of the spirit (By Herbert Viktor Speer) When the layman hears about Spiritism or Spiritualism , he either doesn’t know what it is all about or believes that he is dealing with absolutely impossible speculations. This clearly shows how inadequately the public has been informed. This information is however also maliciously and asininely frustrated by the Christian Churches. When we talk about Spiritualism we do not mean profane house-spiritism , even though it does bring forth many a genuine phenomenon. We mean the scientific work by a circle that represents a pioneering effort on behalf of peace and the future of this world. This work is made extraordinarily difficult because it mainly consists of private initiatives . The state provides means for all the other sciences and their research, but nothing springs from these sources for spiritual research. The