Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

31 Other nations behind the Iron Curtain also conduct parapsychological research. Czechoslovakia and Poland do not lag far behind. The famous author Charles Dickens 3 once dreamt that he would meet a certain lady by the name of Miss Napier . This Lady was completely unknown to him. He never even heard about her. He was introduced to a charming stranger a few days later who looked exactly like the lady in his dream. Her name was Miss Napier . – Charles Dickens could not find an explanation for this. April 1966 Spiritualism There is a passage in the New Testament that states that John is the reincarnated ELIJAH: Matthew 11, 14: …and if you are willing to believe their message, John is Elijah, whose coming was predicted. These words stem from JESUS CHRIST and they confirm reincarnation. But are they also an affirmation of the spiritualistic doctrine? Another confirmation can be found in the Dalai-Lama’s book “My Land and my People”. Shortly after he ascended the throne, a baby was born in Lhasa, but it died two years later. The oracle (Spiritual contact) advised that the child should not be buried, but embalmed. Prior to embalmment, a sign was made on the body of the child with butter. When the Dalai’s mother gave birth to her last child shortly after, it showed a mark on the very part of the body the sign had been made and this confirmed its reincarnation. This child was born in the same house. Reincarnation plays an important role in Spiritualism . It makes one’s fate on Earth comprehensible . • Without reincarnation there would be no divine justice. • Whatever cannot be equalised in one terrestrial life and a life in the hereafter can be equalised in a future reincarnation. • People therefore configure their own fate themselves. Our otherworldly TEACHERS however emphatically protest that an incarnation in the body of an animal exists. We are therefore dealing with a buddhistic aberration here that has led to very negative situations. • There are no holy monkeys and also no holy cows. • A human being remain a human being – a holy being. * * * * * * * 3 Dickens , Charles, pseudonym Boz, born near Portsmouth 7-2-1812, died Gadshill Place near Rochester 9-6-1870, English writer. Prior lawyer’s clerk and parliament rapporteur, became known amongst his contemporaries through his humorous novel The Pickwick Papers (Published as a serial in (1836/37). Drew the attention of the world’s literature to the plight of little people during the Early Industrial Age in England through his socio-critical novel Oliver Twist 1838.