Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

30 Question : If Spiritualism is actually capable of publicly displaying its evidence, the public’s interest must surely be aroused? Or do you hold a different opinion? Circle leader : One is not interested in positive indoctrinations, one prefers high grade magic . The public is for instance spoken to by television. We found that the producer Mr. J. from the Zweiten Deutschen Fernsehen (ZDF) had no inkling at all about Occultism, Spiritism or Spiritualism , but still thought himself qualified in spite of this to film a three part series about them. What could be the result of such an exercise? Spiritualism does not possess the means to take the global distribution of its information into its own hands. All other religious denominations are far better off in this respect, because they receive money for their false promises. March 1966 Spiritualism The famous author Victor Hugo 1 asserted that Moliere’s 2 spirit occasionally took control of him and guided his hand. Question : Does university science deal with Spiritualism ? Answer : Yes, faculties have been established for this to thoroughly test this material. Besides the Duke University (USA), known through Dr. Rhines’s research, the following schools in the USA and other places also deal with investigating parapsychological phenomena: St. Joseph’s Collage in Philadelphia. St. John’s University at Jamaica, New York. University of Saskatchewan (Canada). Mc Gill University, Montreal (Canada). University of Utrecht, (Belgium). University of Freiburg, Breisgau (Germany). At the University of Leningrad in the Soviet Union, extensive research in the field of occult phenomena is carried out in its department for psychology; one particularly deals with telepathy. 1 Hugo , Victor, born Besançon 26.2.1802, died Paris 22.5.1885, French poet. As a criticiser of Napoleon III he had to go into exile in 1851 (until 1870). In the preface of his drama Cromwell (1827), he developed programmatic ideas about the nature of romantic poetry; with Hernani (1830) he brought the period of classical tragedy to an end. His poems, dramas and novels turned into authoritative examples of romantic poetry. In his novel, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” (1931; filmed in 1956 by J. Delannoy), he developed the notion of the historical novel concept by W. Scott further; Epos La Légende des siècles ( The Legend of the Ages ) (1859-83); social novel Les Miserables (1862). 2 Molière , actually Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, born in Paris 15.1.1622, died 17.2.1673, French dramatist and actor. As of 1643 he visited the French province with a troupe of actors; as of 1658 with his troupe, that had been under the royal protection as “Troupe-du-roi” in 1665-73, constantly in Paris. His situational and character comedies, which go beyond the criticism of the time to the humane in principle, links to the late Middle Ages’ farce and the Commedia dell'arte; they dramatically deal with many satirical references to time .