Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

28 without such evidence. The question is whether the spiritualist can fulfil the demand for objective evidence with irrefutable reliability. The question can definitely be answered with a yes ! The objective evidence has been recorded in writing, photographically, as protocols and through the attestations of excellent personalities. This evidence, refuting the misleading opinion about an imagined faith, is accessible to every human being, because it is globally obtainable. The question must therefore be: Why do human beings not bother about this CACHE of KNOWLEDGE? We talked to a lot of people who had something to say about this. There are various reason for rejecting this. But the uppermost reason is a fear of the conclusive truth! A religious theory can be accepted for what it is, but a RELIGIOUS TRUTH is dangerous for everybody, because it extremely and clearly admonishes them, namely by saying that they have to change with great haste and with remorse. But almost everybody wants to remain as they are. By rejecting the evidence provided by Spiritualism , one believes that one’s “inner weaker self” can remain intact. • One does not want to avow to the truth, even if it can be powerfully verified, because one feels that one’s reckless and sinful terrestrial existence would be hampered. One is simply not prepared to believe in it and prefers to not get involved. January 1966 Spiritualism There is nothing in the whole world with the means or the power to arrest the power of the spiritual truth. In as far as I only deal with it, it will only remain a second-rate accolade. But if I also attain the means to promote the dissemination of KNOWLEDGE, I am then not prepared to just observe the instruments of Spiritualism from a distance. Spirit entities went to great length in the USA to make contact with the Fox family. They in turn managed that Spiritualism circled the globe in those days like a wave. This was a first-class effort, even if whatever ensued after was picked to pieces and talked to death by an inadequate and arrogant science. The mediums of the Fox family had also been observed and prepared for this for a long time. All of them performed their allocated task and they deserve our respect. It is imperative that this task is continued! There are many more suitable mediums for this task now than in the past. I can tell you that the major battle has been won. A new dawn is already rising on the spiritual horizon. There was a time when the fate of the truth was hanging by a thread. • It seemed at one time as if the antagonists, in connection with the power of aberrations and superstitions, would win the day. This danger has passed, because the exploration of physical matter has already opened the door to the DIMENSION of the SPIRIT. GOD’S bright LIGHT shines down on mankind’s sciences and technology.