Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

27 conflicts is better assured also. The otherworldly INTELLIGENCES are speaking to us from a “CHRIST SPHERE”. • Whether anything positive can be achieved from an atheistic basis is highly questionable. • We also ascertained that Buddhism, with its belief in lots of demons, actually attracts BASE SPIRIT ENTITIES. If matter-of-fact science believes that it can investigate the realm of the spirit without a certain amount of cult, respectively without ethical concessions, we can already say with certainty that it will achieve negative results that are scientifically so manipulated that it will be pleased with its effort. But nothing of it will be confirmed as the objective truth. The higher developed souls in the hereafter certainly love GOD. They also venerate CHRIST. These souls welcome our sincerity, they also love flowers and candles. We take their wishes into consideration. • All we can do is to remind you over again that a Happy Medium must be adhered to. November 1965 The exploration of the realm of the spirit (By Herbert Viktor Speer) Spiritualism’s opponent are not pleased about the fact that Spiritualism represents a kind of religion. They use the religious aspect as a point of attack . Everything to do with the belief in GOD is, according to atheists, just an unverified assumption and pure theory. • Spiritualism has absolutely nothing to do with theories and specifically not with a blind faith in GOD. On the contrary – it is, more than any other persuasion, mainly build upon praxis and tangible experience. Even though the Christian Churches have documentarily adopted a part of Spiritualism , they do not practise Spiritualism . Their religion is therefore solely based on biblical traditions. When this theme is discussed with physicians and physicists one always encounters the popular opinion that Spiritualism is an unverifiable religion and that it must therefore be placed on the same level as all other religious faiths. This attitude is wrong! – It shows that responsible scientists within the sectors of the empirical sciences are not informed about what Spiritualism really represents and what it has to offer. This gap in education represents a great evil for all of mankind! A well-known physician stated that he does not believe in anything else but what he can see with his eyes and feel with his own hands. This premeditation is famous the world over. It is used by the most simplest of people. It now looks as if Spiritualism was a religious theory, an illusion that did not exhibit anything tangible. We must emphatically emphasise here that this opinion is an aberration that cannot be surpassed! Spiritualism is not a religious theory in this respect! • Spiritualism deals with absolutely perceptible utterances by SPIRITUAL LIFE in another dimension. It deals with the ascertainment of spiritual INTELLIGENCES that clearly reveal themselves visibly, palpably and controllably, particularly through their peak performances. A spiritualist is not a convinced believer, somebody that is only guided by treatises. All genuine spiritualists demand (Like all scientists) irrefutable evidence ; they would never accept Spiritualism