Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

26 consciousness of those that cannot participate. To have spiritually related or commonly interested parties, for instance married couples or friends, to just sit quietly with you without using a table or any such thing, is worth the effort. • It is important that you remain inactive and harmonious when you sit together like that. This stillness is then filled with the POWER of the SPIRIT. This stillness is a sign that you managed to bring your own turbulent and physical affairs to a standstill so that you can dedicate this short period of time to nurture the fruits of the spirit and become aware that a spiritual BEING resides in your home. • Your world does not understand the true value of this stillness. We can come close to you when you are still, calm and inactive. October 1965 The exploration of the realm of the spirit (By Herbert Viktor Speer) Spiritualism , that is to say, an informative connection with the realm of the spirit, cannot be conceived as a uniform concept. Spiritualism also displays various forms and levels. • Due to the fact that Spiritualism has a strong relationship with religion, it is influenced by every religion and every sect. There is a Christian Spiritualism as well as a Jewish Spiritualism , there is also a Persian Spiritualism or also a Mormon Spiritualism . The Catholic Church, who apparently rejects Spiritualism and Spiritism , also has a Spiritualism : The Last Supper in itself has a spiritual meaning and so have Guardian Angels , amulets and the calling upon the Saints during a spiritual ceremony. And then on the other hand there is a scientific Spiritualism that would like to distance itself from all religions. Whether this is possible at all is very much in doubt. Even though it as our initial intension, we did not succeed. But our GUIDING SPIRITS gave us some rules and regulations in regards to this. They demanded the fulfilment of certain cultic provisos in order to be able to work with us at all . This is the reason why we foster a mixture of scientific Spiritualism and Christian Spiritualism these days – and I have to say that it served us very well . A scientist from Switzerland asked us whether it wouldn’t be advisable to consequently extricate Spiritualism from the mystical, occult and religious domain and only use a purely scientific approach. This question is indeed of decisive importance. The fact remains that the religious aspects of spiritualists can often trigger great calamities. A lot of people are subject to hysterics and sometimes go completely mad. The realm of the spirit is endowed with lots of SPHERES. These SPHERES therefore differ due to the various religions. We on Earth therefore address certain SPHERES. • One can therefore not expect Spiritualism to progress with its insights if it addresses the INTELLIGENCES of those SPHERES that still also have to struggle with gaining insights. These experiences have told us that one can make good progress with the help of Christian Spiritualism when dealing with the reformation of mankind. Support with illnesses and mental