Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

25 • Even though the soul takes all its character traits with it to the realm of the spirit, it soon acquires a different mentality, because it lives a different life there. There is very little evidence of heaven to be found. It’s rather more a case of encountering a hell that lies, cheats and like to undermine one’s personality. No surprise then that Spiritualism easily gains a reputation, because the spirits of the underworld extensively see to that; they barricade the way UPWARD. One can only penetrate through this hell with great care and with a thorough understanding of these things. • Better SPIRITS can only be approached very gradually. One can only make friends with positive ENTITIES from the realm of the spirit, if one honestly tries to gain HIGHER INSIGHTS and if one is selfless and willing to make sacrifices. The path to get there is however arduous and long and this is why most circles and their members fall by the wayside before they even had a chance of asking a MESSENGER of LIGHT questions. The realm of the spirit offers PROMOTION, but also demotion. This demotion can quite easily already begin here on Earth if we do not remain objective. If we had listened to all that advice sent to us from all from all quarters of so-called “experienced entities”, all in this circle would eventually had ended up in an asylum. The reason why we were able to research and to ask questions was due to the fact that we always had both feet firmly planted on the ground. Extreme enthusiasm is detrimental to one’s life! Questions and answers April 1965 Question : How is it possible for Spiritualism to be better understood in England than here in Germany? AREDOS : Spiritual phenomena appear more often in England than other places. • The location of the British Islands promotes psychic activity and the flowing of OD. This gives the British better contacts with the WORLD of the SPIRIT. There is also the fact that very eminent men have acknowledged and defended Spiritualism . Even the late Marshal of the RAF, Lord Dowding , unambiguously expressed his opinion in the Upper House, namely that he had been able to enlarge his knowledge about the existence of the realm of the spirit through his own experiences. (Comment: Shakespeare, the great English poet, was aware of the WORLD of the SPIRIT and he expressed this knowledge in almost all of his works.) May 1965 Question : Are all the people that have no opportunity to participate at an experienced spiritualistic circle terribly disadvantaged? Answer : It naturally benefits those that you love when you devote some of your time to reach them and teach them through us. But something happens simultaneously to the mental