Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

24 • A MESSENGER of LIGHT does not adopt the tone of biblical rapture, but accurately adjusts to the tone of our questions. To assume that a MESSENGER of LIGHT must be omniscient is a mistake . A MESSENGER of LIGHT can only make statements about a terrestrial human being based on what he knows about him and he must know this individual extremely well to do so. This is the reason why a MESSENGER of LIGHT can usually only make comments about a circle participant , at the most about the company he or she keeps, but not about distant, unfamiliar people he has never ever seen. Dealing with otherworldly entities clearly shows that a huge battle between GOOD and EVIL is waged in the realm of the spirit. The hereafter is certainly not a place of “eternal rest”, but rather a WORLD made from different MATERIALS, but very similar to ours in its construction. You practically find everything that we have here on Earth there, but everything there is created by an act of will . March 1965 The exploration of the world of the spirit (By Herbert Viktor Speer) When I am asked the question of what I think of Spiritism, Spiritualism or occultism in general, being an experienced spiritualist I can only ask what kind is meant here. All of these disciplines have two sides. It isn’t any different to money: There is a lot of counterfeit money floating about, but one cannot establish the thesis that there cannot be any genuine bank note about. A counterfeiter naturally endeavours to make the counterfeit money as near as possible to the genuine article so that it cannot be differentiated from officially issued money. The situation with Spiritualism is hardly different. It takes the experience of a genuine expert to detect very small, hardly conspicuous signs of whether something is genuine or falsified. The whole affair is made more difficult because otherworldly entities also participate in falsifications. These souls had already committed a lot of nonsense or committed crimes through their negative behaviourism on Earth and they assiduously continue to do so in the hereafter wherever they can. This pronounced maliciousness is a difficult to comprehend phenomenon within spiritual research. • The layman who endeavours to believe in Spiritualism always holds the opinion that only truth and harmony exist in the hereafter. – This opinion is wrong! Those that engage in contact with the hereafter unfortunately find out that a lot of the otherworldly souls are extraordinarily disharmonious and malicious : They tell fantastic lies but in a most sophisticated manner, they have no regard for anything and even try to find victims they can cruelly torment to death. Those that are possessed by them can tell you a story! These unfortunate spirits often pretend to be “angels” or “guardian angels”. They try to win people’s trust under false pretences . Only experience can help here! Spiritual contacts are therefore not a mere trifle. Besides the difficulties presented by establishing contact and psychic abilities, the greater difficulties consist in the actual assessment of otherworldly entities, because their incognito is difficult to unveil. We took at least three years before we were able to make these differentiations. We certainly deal with a completely different mentality in all of these cases.