Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

23 Answer : No , they will remain underdeveloped in certain respects. It will become clear to you one day what it means to love somebody with all your heart and to see this beloved person injured in some way and to have to helplessly stand by. We find ourselves in this position more often than not. We can often only help by allowing the suffering to stand as a test . * * * * * * * The exploration of the realm of the spirit (By Herbert Viktor Speer) We ascertained over again that pronounced piousness stands in the way of spiritual research and that it can even become dangerous . We can meet the WORLD of the SPIRIT with LOVE and respect, but absolute pious behaviourism represents cultic exaggeration to the WORLD of the SPIRIT. Friendship and righteousness represents a higher level than piousness. It depends on what is genuinely felt. We furthermore ascertained that CHRIST does indeed play a major role in the realm of the spirit. One can of course get in contact with the realm of the spirit without CHRIST. But the leading spirits that are involved in our development come from a SPHERE that is absolutely connected with CHRIST. This should however not mean that we should endeavour to only contact CHRIST. It suffices to acknowledge that GOD has a reliable REPRESENTATIVE called CHRIST and that HE has his MISSION. • The so-called MESSENGERS of LIGHT are TEACHERS trained in the realm of the spirit and they are allocated to an open minded circles willing to work. One can regard these spiritual TEACHERS as ANGELS, because they belong to the HIGHER SPHERES. • It has been established that names are bereft of meaning, because only the DOCTRINE is of importance. When an ARCHANGEL announces his presence for instance and gives his name, his identity is absolutely unverifiable. It never even happened once during our previous 1000 séances that an otherworldly entity announced that he was an ARCHANGEL. • To overestimate one’s importance is very dangerous! – There are circles that allow themselves to be duped all too easily. Their mediums allegedly have direct contact with CHRIST or an ARCHANGEL or in some cases even with GOD. Based on our intensive research in this field of knowledge we find such assertions impossible. They only harm the truth. The lower SPHERES of the realm of the spirit are close to the Earth . It is therefore a lot easier to get in contact with BEINGS from these SPHERES, than with INTELLIGENCES from HIGHER REGIONS. So when an otherworldly makes an appearance “in CHRIST’S name” he is absolutely intent on playing an extraordinary role. He wants to be taken serious by the members of the circle. This is the highest form of self-aggrandisement and also a blasphemy. Most circle participants do however not know that they concertedly commit a blasphemy with the otherworldly. They see themselves as “chosen” and as very good people, because this flatters their craving for recognition. Our work circle has always adopted the attitude that we are merely pupils who are not aware of their shortcomings and that we need to be instructed. We are now at a stage where we are able to accurately recognise the spiritual level of any otherworldly entity.