Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

2 Spiritualism versus Spiritism From 1956 – 1958 (incomplete) Spiritualism does not communicate a faith, but knowledge gained from practical experience . Religion is not a regulation, but the spiritual person’s attitude towards GOD. Certainty leads to responsibility, to recognising one’s assignment and to the refinement of one’s soul. Religion as something mandatory or external had its serious consequences, something a federally accepted Church should have avoided or prevented. Those that shun the SOURCE die of thirst . H. V. Speer, the circle’s leader. Questions and answers Question : What means can we use to best support the interests of Spiritualism ? ARGUN : Through publications and by not allowing yourselves to be carried away and make rash statements. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t denounce your opponents, certainly not, for as long as you remain ethical with your publications GOD will stand behind you. GOD’S word is a MIGHTY WORD. * * * * * * * Question : How can we help other people, which path should we take with the means we have at our disposal in order to prepare a spiritual path for them? Answer : Just like us, you must proceed systematically. You must deal with the questions and wishes of individuals and try to understand them. You must correct any mistake that crops up and do so with such conviction and backed with evidence that they will lose all doubts. You can be assured that success will follow, if you proceed like this from the start. • Mankind is led astray and this grave mistake must be delicately and cleanly eradicated at all cost, but in a way that no chasm is left in its place. You understand? We know how hard you have to battle against doubters and we are pleased that you are so strong and so solidly anchored in you faith with both feet that nobody can conquer you. The colleagues you constantly live with form the board of examiners and you are being tested by them. Those that do indeed pass this great examination receive an award for what they achieved. Every examination comes to an end one day – may it be ever so difficult. Question : Will some from this work circle be called upon to bring the doctrine of Spiritualism to the attention of the public? Answer : Each of you has tried to tell somebody you believed or even knew that they would hardly listen. This verifies that you have a calling. It impels you to act as an apostle and this against your will at times.