Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

13 • Clairaudience • Clairvoyance • Trance-speaking • Automatic writing • Intuition • Inspiration • Supernatural Morse code • And as an exception: The direct voice. Thousands of spiritualistic churches and communities, whose membership counts in the millions, already exist in other cultures nations. Due to its political situation (a divided Germany), Germany is particularly backward in this respect so that people have either no inkling about it or doubt, twist and dispute such connections or confuse them with profane Spiritism , superstitions or spook. • Spiritualism is in reality the only, actual religion that human thought processes do not add dogmas to, it only acknowledges the actual words and doctrines from the regions of our heavenly FATHER, the CREATOR of all WORLDS. The mediators (mediums) that make contact with the OTHER WORLD are people with expanded and trained senses that surpass the normal capabilities of the average human being by far. The Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin and its associated work circles call upon all peace-loving and principled people on Earth to join these peaceable communities, because: • Peace on this Earth is impossible without GOD’S direct guidance, because we are a fallen humanity. The séances of the Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin are MESSENGERS of LIGHT evenings, a church service along the lines of Early Christendom. The first Christians were the first spiritualists, because they were not just convinced through doctrines, but also through supernatural facts and they called upon the world by saying: “Come and see!” We have these psychic spiritualists to thank for the New Testament that is not yet complete . Questions and answers July 1961 Question : When trying to get people interested in Spiritualism one usually gets the answer: “This is too high for me.” – How should one react to that? ARGUN : What is “too high” for the ignorant is too low an answer for the knowledgeable. You cannot comprehend that one is not willing to listen to you. This lies in the fact that they are too lazy to seriously contemplate this. Thinking takes an effort. To gain the basis for this field of knowledge is too intricate to them, but these things cannot be comprehended without a solid basis. All first grade pupils start with a primer. You present your pupils with a dissertation.