Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addenda

12 ARGUN : Spiritualism means: Seeking and recognising . – The soul depends on spiritual HELP and the physical side on medical knowhow . Question : We already find ourselves in the Age of Aquarius. But the spiritual awareness training progresses much too slowly in spite of this. Will we actually experience a resounding success one day? ARGUN : The main characteristic of terrestrial human beings is their curiosity. This curiosity did not allow human beings to settle down in regards to religious questions either. This is the reason why human beings will find no peace until they have uncovered this truth. • The fact that this human race will also get closer to the TRUTH because of their curiosity and their constant search, is an unalterable development. Your ossified Churches cannot arrest this development. Question : A proverb says: Those that expose themselves to dangers will perish in them. – What do you say to that? ARGUN : Those that are aware of the danger and confront it engage in an open battle. But those that run ignorantly into danger cannot foretell the consequence and therefore do not know how to deal with it. These casualties of their own actions do not know how to defend themselves. This also applies to Spiritualism , because it also harbours dangers, but only if one is not aware of them. Question : Do people underestimate their sensitivity? ARGUN : In connection with intelligence, your sensitivity gives you the impetus to decide things. You feel and ponder things with your power of reason – your mind then controls things and draws its conclusions. Misjudgements will be the result if this sequence is incorrect. * * * * * * * December 1960 Spiritualism – the Global Christian Religion Spiritualism , the salvation of the world and future’s world peace. The spiritualistic religion is not questioning the dead, but represents a spiritual connection to the SUPERNATURAL WORLD, its DIVINE MESSENGERS and otherworldly TEACHERS that, on the basis of Early Christendom, are at our disposal. The cosmic INTELLIGENCE, at the disposal of CHRIST, the prophets, the disciples and the apostles, is still at our disposal in the same manner this very day . GOD, the LORD therefore speaks through his ANGELS and MESSENGERS of LIGHT to us human beings in order to guide and help us and to show us the way to HIM. We would never have received information about GOD’S existence, nor the “Ten Commandments” nor the Holy Scriptures without Spiritualism’s supernatural phenomena. The following supernatural phenomena form a part of this communication with the other HIGHER WORLD and its way of life: