Science, technology and art - Addenda 1

2 Years 1956-1958 (incomplete) Existence and perception The reason why there is so little known about spiritualism is due to the fact that all supernatural psycho-science was combated or forbidden in Germany for political reasons . Other nations made greater progress in this field of knowledge. This is the reason why apostles of the truth find it so difficult to recruit people to accept the truth. Germans have not been enlightened enough in this respect. The greatest obstacle consists in that one is asked to believe in something invisible where one’s mind tells one that where nothing can be perceived, nothing exists . This is where a decisive mistake is made: • Not being able to see something doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t exist. Radio and television exist and nobody doubts the fact that they do exist, even though everybody requires an apparatus to perceive, respectively receive it. But we unfortunately do not have any technical apparatuses to gain access to the hereafter and this is why one doubts these types of reports. But we do have apparatuses to grasp the hereafter. They are however not of a technical nature, but they function very well. These apparatuses do nevertheless require a spiritual ENERGY to activate them. Electricity is not enough, it must be OD energy. The obverse lifestyle of Western nations called this ENERGY “OD” , but allowed it to atrophy. This is why there are only a limited number of people who still possess enough OD to enable us to undertake a thrust into the hereafter. • We call the people who can utilise their over-supply of OD for supernatural activities mediums (mediators). Those with enough OD energy can convince themselves very easily of the hereafter’s existence. But those that do not possess enough of this precious OD cannot perceive anything and they can also not understand what mediums are all about. These people consider themselves “normal” and they believe that nothing else exists beyond their own perception. The reality is that these people are not as normal as they think they are, because they lack one of GOD’S ENERGIES, ergo a gift of grace. People endowed with GOD’S grace are a lot better off than “normal” people, because they can and may believe in the other LIFE and they have the evidence in the form of their own personal experience in their hands. It is however now the assignment of these people to tell their fellow men about it and this is the hardest assignment there is. Non-swimmers are reluctant to enter water, even though other swimmers continuously assure them that they will not sink. It was the same at the times of CHRIST. Please show a little more trust in the invisible, even though there are no technical apparatuses yet to make everything invisible visible. GOD’S hand weigh heavily on prophets, that is to say, the medium is deeply saddened about the fact that it is so infinitely difficult to convince less talented people that the actual WORLD is infinitely larger than one assumes. Those with sufficient OD ENERGY are able to establish contact with just a liqueur glass and an alphabet board. Beginners will initially be lied to by base spirits, but they will recognise in spite of this that there is also another FORM of EXISTENCE and that life does not end with one’s physical death.