2 if one is not literally bound to extreme dogmatism, but open to the spirit of the tenets, that all major religions and secret revelations of the human race generally teach the same . Through the doctrine of reincarnation, life on Earth, with its sometimes very difficult karmic tests, makes more logical sense . Every action is followed by a reaction. A more profound knowledge of this law, results in a completely different view of life. What man thinks, he will experience. Or in reverse, they say, that the cause for our present experience lies in the thoughts of the past. Bad Salzuflen, December 1999 1.0 Facts about the theme of reincarnat ion from the WORLD OF LIGHT. Excerpts from Menetekel (Medialer Friedenskreis Berlin) __________________________________________________________________________________ 1.1 The Alpha and the Omega of the Grace and Love of GOD (Transmission from the year 1957) Y o u s h o w a n i m o s i t y towards the brothers and sisters you have mourned over in a previous existence. But as you do not recognise them when you meet them now again, you disrespect, enslave and mistreat them. You show animosity towards those you once dearly loved, but this time around, you let them suffer and starve. The ones who have helped you in your hours of need and stood by you truthfully in a previous life, the ones you shared joy and sorrow with, they’re the ones you pay back in this life with hostility. You harbour hatred and contempt against the good, the ones that have done you good. O n t h e o t h e r hand, you form alliances with those who, in a previous life, have tried to kill you, tortured you and caused you pain, denounced you to the inquisition and let you starve physically and spiritually. I n s t e a d o f i m p r o v i n g , you sit with your antagonists at your favourite table and blaspheme GOD. You come across the blessed ones every step of the way, but the memory is blocked and their bodies look unfamiliar. People who over centuries have helped you and who are at your side again to help, you meet again, even if not conscious of the fact, people who teach you the WORD OF GOD and remind you about the great LOVE OF THE MESSIAH, those you turn away and mock. The GRACE OF GOD makes a new life on Earth possible for you. The doctrine of reincarnation is the Alpha and the Omega of the LOVE OF GOD. Reincarnation is a Grace! You living on Earth now, were once your own ancestors , your forefather and you carry the attributes of your love and your sins of your own past lives. You complain about your fate, by doing so you accuse yourself . You ask: “Why do I deserve this?” You take home your pay and reap the harvest you have sown centuries ago with your own strength, freedom and responsibility. Humanity on Earth would walk about, hardly viable, grossly degenerated and damaged in body and soul, if GOD in HIS infinite WISDOM and LOVE, with HELPERS on “this side” and the “other side”, had not helped you day and night, hour after hour, second by second, influenced the healing process of all your ailments. Lucifer would triumph over you!