Our indoctrination for you - Addenda 1

2 Years 1956 – 1958 (incomplete) Those of you that are already convinced and possess real faith would like to go to heaven one day. You can certainly go to heaven, but you know that heaven awaits you with its tasks, its many occupations and assignments. • Heaven is not a place of idleness or laziness. – Heaven is a sphere of spiritual activity and planning! GOD’S orders and ideas are processed and precisely carried out in heaven. Not everything succeeds, because things are carried out by human hands and human minds in heaven also, but everybody does their best in order to configure things as perfectly as possible to please GOD. Heaven is a spiritual sphere of constant trials, whereby every human experience plays a major role. Ever since the creation of man, he has also been one of GOD’S constant assistants, on a spiritual as well as physical, respectively incarnated level – here and over there. Human beings are guided by GOD – but they also do a lot of things on their own , partially good and partially evil. But the moment they do something evil, they attract GOD’S antagonist , who recognises by their deeds that he has willing instruments to do evil. It is therefore your duty to always think positive and if at all possible, do a lot of good, because this is the only protection you have to keep evil in any form or shape from you. Wherever goodness is afoot, the antagonist loses his power – because the anti-spirit is the dominant force within the darkness GOD banished him to. But those that darken their own soul enter the dangerous regions of darkness and turn into the slaves of the damned Black Angel, whose pride and revengefulness has not come to an end. Like everything else throughout the universe, when JESUS CHRIST entered the material world in order to be a teacher for terrestrial mankind, this heroic deed was only a trial within the universal plan where every attempt and experience has the aim of making everything better. The LIGHT of the REDEEMER entered the terrestrial sphere, but it does not yet shine brilliantly enough. This is why GOD must repeat this trial – with other means, other plans and by taking all gained experiences, which are not limited to this planet only, into consideration. But be aware – und this is the Christmas message for you: The almighty LORD and CONTROLLER has chosen you, the convinced spiritualist, whom HE gave all HIS spiritual help, to help HIM as best as you can with the REDEMPTION of terrestrial mankind. You should help GOD prepare a new attempt at salvation thereby making the approach of a new divine POWER possible. You know that GOD the LORD has called upon HIS heavenly host and that all of them have already taken up their positions. You should therefore also take you positions and please, do not shy away from making sacrifices of a physical nature. Physical thing can never be classified as sacrifices, because genuine sacrifices consist of complete LOVE and veneration of the ALMIGHTY who knows exactly what HE wants. – Amen. One of the LORD’S angels sent me today. ICARUS