Various questions and answers

2 and we are looking forward to arranging this evening with all of you. We hope to receive a lot of information this evening and we hope that we can give you and other souls pertinent messages that will help you along your life’s journey and allow the LIGHT to shine within and to the outside. Question :Many readers of these protocols would like to receive direct personal consultations from the spiritual realm, because many find their personal situation extremely difficult and discouraging. We cannot deal with this, because it would go beyond our capacity and it would prevent us from doing our proper work here. What is your opinion in regards to this? EUPHENIUS: It is important to inform these souls that they should begin to deal with this themselves. They ought to read the protocols we have discussed in regards to their contents because the divine LAWS are the foundation for the here and now on this planet. This line of investigation will automatically answer many of the questions that bother these souls. They will then begin to look beyond the confines of their own problems and this from a different vantage point. This in turn will effect an association with the spiritual WORLD, so that inspirational influences can be effected from there. Of importance are faith , an inner preparedness and the acceptance that we, as ENTITIES, exist. If all of this is present, the first step in the right direction can be made. People ought to realise that they carry all the answers inside and that they will receive answers to their questions when they are open to inspirational opportunities from the side of the spiritual realm during prayers and dreams. Objection :Many of these people have no idea of how they are supposed to achieve positive and harmonious emotional states when they are so affected by their daily problems. EUPHENIUS: It isn’t just these people that have their problems, but you too have problems to maintain your inner equilibrium in amongst the demands your encounter in your every day life on Earth. It always goes back to the self-discipline you must muster in order to pursue your daily prayer, your meditation and your persistence. We are dealing with little, momentary reflexes every human being can carry out during the course of the day - but an inner compulsion to do so must be present. Nothing will just fall into your lap!  We, your SPIRIT TEACHERS, must also wait until we are called upon to help you. You are the ones that have to send this divine thought to begin with in order for us to become active. But how can this be possible, if you do not mentally connect with us? This is the only way that we may support and help you. Question :Who is supposed to be the contact of our mental CALL? EUPHENIUS:GOD, CHRIST or ANGELIC BEINGS, whoever you consider to be the appropriate contact. It can be the GUARDIAN ANGEL, your GUIDING ANGEL or a more eminent ANGELIC BEING you can call by name, for instance: “My dear invisible FRIEND”. These FREQUENCIES will then return to you via the DIVINE LOOP. Question :War is waged in the Holy Land. What is your opinion in regards to that war?