Terrorist attack on the USA (1)

2 Conclusion: The misguiding, dogmatic religious tenets of all the world’s religions constitute the primary problem of our world! What ought to be done in the long term? The priesthood of all religious denominations and the earthly sciences should finally and irrevocably answer all question in regards to “where from and where to” of our human existence. Mankind desperately needs evidence about what their own existence is all about. Man must know who he is! The TRUTHS present in every WORLD RELIGION must be extricated and flow together in one uniform WORLD RELIGION. This absolute TRUTH can only be conveyed through GOD, respectively, through authorised SPIRIT TEACHERS. Once it has been established that reincarnation and karma are an irrefutable reality, these terroristic acts of insanity and wars become impossible. Every despot would think twice about starting anything like that, because he would be well aware that every personal guilt will have to be redeemed after one’s demise in a way that surpasses any earthly imagination by far. How can one help? Luminous thoughts and prayers possess an enormous power. Pray for the souls that had to leave their physical bodies so suddenly during the attacks. Many of them haunt the places where they lost their lives, because they cannot make heads or tails of the spiritual world. Pray for the families that long for their departed relatives. Pray for WISDOM for the despots of this world. Peace on Earth begins within your own heart! The meeting began with an opening meditation and a materialisation exercise under the guidance of the SPIRIT TEACHER MAGDALENA. This was followed by the inspirational part of the meeting with the MESSENGER of LIGHT EUPHENIUS. Participant :GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD dear spirit FRIENDS and welcome to our meeting. Even though the shocking events in the USA has deeply affected us, we will endeavour to have this meeting here tonight and we hope that you can tell us something about these terrible attacks on the United States. EUPHENIUS:GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD AND PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! This is EUPHENIUS speaking. We also welcome you and we can see that your souls are mourning and are deeply affected. You find it inconceivable that so much destruction can crop up to such a degree and with such force and that you’re so mightily confronted with this negative and forceful POWER these days. We also observe with sadness and shock that so much hatred and fear allows a new seed to grow on this planet and that the VIBRATIONS amplify in that direction. Your soul’s peace has not just been disturbed here amongst you, but a lot of people who have managed to bring DIVINITY to bear fruit and to oscillate within also suffer and their religious staunchness has begun to waver. We hope that the LIGHT from