Sleeping and dreaming - Addendum

- 2 - writing bit is the most difficult part. The physical connections between pencil, spirit and us, your TEACHERS, are complicated and the medium is also not as relaxed as we are accustomed from past experience. The best exercise is to answer questions and we are pleased to see you all together and hope that you have prepared enough questions for us. These questions ought to be put in a way that even people not involved here can do something with them. The way you have asked your questions in the past certainly finds our approval. We are happy that we don’t have to remind you of this all the time. Everything ought to serve totality , the way you have put it in your introduction. You cannot make any mistakes, if you keep this introduction uppermost in your consciousness. Question :An old proverb states: “Those who sleep do not sin”. Is there something in that prov- erb? LUKAS : In regards to earthly circumstances I would have to say yes, because in comparison, a visit to the spiritual realm or even just entering into deep sleep represent a time with- out sin . The soul is welcomed by its GUARDIAN ANGEL when it leaves its physical body and the GUARDIAN ANGEL will endeavour, with other HELPERS, to indoc- trinate this soul. No sins against the SPIRIT are anticipated during this process. There- fore sleep represents a neutral field , respectively, is to be regarded as a period of learning . It is a different situation on Earth, because one continuously sins against the SPIRIT here, that is to say, GOD’S spiritual WORLD is made fun of. You find the most shameful caricatures of so-called “Ghosts” here on Earth. Is something like that worthy of GOD? Certainly not! But this is the thanks you give to the LORD’S WORLD of SPIRITS. Question :Whilst we’re asleep we are accompanied by our GUARDIAN ANGELS and also oth- er ENTITIES that have taken it upon themselves to protect us on our earthly journey. What are the assignments of these ENTITIES whilst their protégé is asleep? Are we, as human beings, subject to different LEGALITIES whilst asleep? LUKAS :Yes, we are dealing with different LEGALITIES and this in such a way that during the day a complete integration of the external world within your spirit and within your physical body takes place. The SPIRIT ENTITIES that accompany you do try to appeal to their protégé through their INNER VOICE, their so-called CONSCIENCE - and this quite often to no avail. In the WORLD of the SPIRIT, released from any earthly heaviness, you are defencelessly at the mercy of the spirit POWERS you have opened gate and door to during your day to day work and with your thoughts. You are tuned into these OSCILLATIONS and you have attracted them, the way you tune to a radio station on your radio. The SPIRIT ENTITIES that accompany you only gain access to you, to instruct you, in the spiritual world, that is to say, when you are there when you sleep. Once the earthly soul is in the spiritual realm it becomes immediately aware just where its shortcomings are. It wants to go back to redeem its mind, its earthly mind received when it was born here on Earth. The mind is a part of what has to be redeemed. Only when the OSCILLATIONS of all the MINDS of all the people have been redeemed after several incarnations, will the Earth be free from negative ENERGIES and dis- solve in a sea of LIGHT. Only then will this planet of redemption have fulfilled its