Reincarnation and Karma

45 LIGHT to the darkness. We thank you and wish that you maintain your trust and confidence in GOD until we meet again. EUPHENIUS BALTASAR :Dear spiritual friends, dear students. I am pleased to be able to participate at this meeting this evening. I have observed this circle for quite some time and see just how you manage your development and also any mental crisis. I am impressed with the way you continue to find your way in spite of the darkness around you and I am also impressed by the way you ignite the LIGHT and feel DIVINITY within you. My name is BALTASAR and as the latest member will actively support this group and I am looking forward to working with you.  Please begin by connecting with your inner SPIRITUAL BEING. Try to make daily contact in order to stabilise this connection. BARTHOLOMEW: Dear group of souls, this is BARTHOLOMEW speaking. I am happy to be able to say the final words here, this gives me the opportunity to practice with this medium and also to work with this medium.  We, as a team, hope that you recognise that the doctrine of reincarnation represents the most important component of your existence here on Earth. Your whole history of development would be blocked without your acceptance and your coming to terms with this TRUTH. You will recognise with your HEART and the CORE of your SOUL that the TRUTH is mirrored within your own being. Acknowledge that this offers the opportunity to exist here on Earth and to recognise what external dangers affect you so that you can guard against this so that you can continue to walk the pure path of CHRIST’S DOCTRINE. Without acknowledging that everything you encounter here on Earth has an effect on your being, you will not gain the insight that you will have to show cause for your actions in another REALM, a realm where you will recognise who you really are. The TEAM accompanies you and protects you, thereby giving you the opportunity to make contact with every individual member of the TEAM in order to protect yourself in case of dangers. We are prepared to do so and are pleased to have the opportunity to spread the TRUTH here. We wish you a beautiful and harmonious week and look forward to our next meeting. BARTHOLOMEW and the TEAM. Giving of thanks and good-byes. A short meditation is carried out to close the chakras.