Psychic (mental) illnesses

3 (psychic) problems. What is the reason for this enormous number of psychosomatically ill people? EUPHENIUS: In answer to this we would like to say that you find yourselves in an epoch here on Earth that is typified by hectic and stress and by a large amount of external attractions. There are only a limited number of people who try to find a place of quietude for themselves, their soul and for the LIGHT IMPULSES within themselves amongst all this turbulence. There are only a few who search for this stillness through prayers, in meditation and by wandering through forests, in order to allow the flow of spiritual nourishment and peace into their soul. Your soul is permanently exposed to pressures and strains. It represents the divine part in you, but the DIVINE in you unfortunately doesn’t get a chance to flow. How can this basis, this foundation be fortified, if the connection to GOD is severed and disappears? - A lot of people have lost their belief in GOD. Many have relinquished their self-trust and their trust in the DIVINE.  You can only heal internally, if you look after yourself. In order to protect your soul, you must look after yourself so that the soul doesn’t get lost somewhere inside of you. Question : So-called “modern” man lives in a world that would have been considered unimaginable only a hundred years ago. Machines quite often determine the rhythm of life. Not everyone can cope with this and they become psychical ill. Can this development, one that inevitably leads to perdition, still be arrested? EUPHENIUS: This can only be arrested if man’s consciousness here on Earth undergoes a change . Namely the conscious acknowledgement that there is more to life than the here and now that denotes this 20th century. It will only happen, if you become consciously aware of the meaning of your existence. Souls were much more in tune with the DIVINE in the past, but the past was marked by misunderstood, dogmatic Church proclamations. The technology around you represents the flagellum of your DIVINITY these days. You are exposed to attacks and VIBRATIONS that continuously convulse your inner equilibrium.  You are the cause of all your illnesses! Question : Psychosomatic illnesses appear in a great variety of forms. Is there one cause for all of these occurrences? EUPHENIUS: The main causes for this are the fact that you have relinquished the connections to your soul, to your heart and your CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. These connections are blocked and they do not allow the divine INFLOW to take place anymore -, like a blocked artery. These obstructions bring about disorders to the soul.