Psychic (mental) illnesses

2 The LIGHT you send from within your heart, the pure and true LOVE for GOD and all spiritual things build a bridge between the physical and the spiritual life. Those that love you approach very closely when you search for them with your heart. Welcoming all present and starting with the questions. EUPHENIUS: GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD AND PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! This is EUPHENIUS speaking. All of us also greet you very cordially and hope that you evaluate and remember all the transmissions coming from our side. We hope that you, as human beings, recognise that you have a chance here on this Earth to experience in the LIGHT and with enhanced VIBRATIONS, the things that await you in the spiritual realm. You establish your own piece of history here on Earth and this history is then transmitted in a transparent form to the spiritual realm. We would like to inform you that you have to learn to not allow external factors to disturb your equilibrium. You alone have to gain an inner stability and strength in order not to lose your mental equilibrium to such a degree that you lose contact with yourself and with us, your spiritual FRIENDS. We hope that this meeting will not just pave the way for you, but for us also. We hope that this meeting will bring you enough knowledge to change your life, so you can find new directions and opportunities. We are enveloped by the LIGHT of GOD and we are surrounded by a shining PROTECTIVE WALL, which allows us to carry out our transmissions in a DIVINE SENSE. LUKAS : Our meetings here are to be regarded as preparatory measures so that you’ll find your way in the spiritual realm some day, respectively so that you can jump across the Earth’s astral regions with your markedly HEIGHTENED VIBRATIONS you have worked hard to achieve. The passage through Earth’s astral regions will be considerably easier than the passage of someone who rejects this or doesn’t have any knowledge about it. There are people who actually live a life according to divine LAWS without actually being aware of them. But they unfortunately constitute a minority here on Earth. Mental illnesses comprise a large subject matter, appearing in various guises. As the name suggests, we’re dealing with illnesses of the mind and as the mind is rated higher than matter, the mind eventually influences the body. The mind falls ill first and then the body. There are mental illnesses that are not readily recognised as such straight away, neither to those around the person that is ill and certainly not to the person suffering from the illness. As these kinds of illnesses creep up on you, they are very dangerous, because their prognosis is usually made too late and they are therefore treated too late also. ( T. B: No guarantee.) Question : These days, every third patient looking for medical advice is supposed to be psychosomatically ill. Their physical complaints (somatic) are related to mental